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50 Discourse Keyboard Shortcuts

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Discourse application is an open-source internet forum software. Discourse Shortcuts was mainly aimed to be a more social application rather than be more technical one. Discourse can also help with mailing list management.

Download Discourse Shortcuts PDF

Discourse is the future of the Internet and hence having a keyboard shortcut can be of great help. Download the below list of Discourse Shortcuts in PDF form.

Action Shortcuts

Action Discourse Shortcuts
Toggle bookmark topic F
Share post S
Like post L
Flag post !
Bookmark post B
Edit Post E
Delete post D
Pin or unpin topic Shift + P
Share topic Shift + S
Print topic Ctrl + P
Mute topic M then M
Regular topic M then R
Track topic M then T
Watch topic M then W

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Jump to Shortcuts

Action Discourse Shortcuts
Home G then H
Latest G then L
New G then N
Unread G then U
Categories G then C
Top G then T
Bookmarks G then B
Profile G then P
Messages G then M
Drafts G then D

Composing Shortcuts

Action Discourse Shortcuts
Return to Composer Shift + C
Fullscreen Shift + F11
Reply to topic Shift + R
Create a new topic C
Reply as linked Topic T
Reply to post R
Quote post Q

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Application Shortcuts

Action Discourse Shortcuts
Open hamburger menu =
Open user menu P
Show updated topics .
Search /
Open keyboard help ?
Dismiss new posts X then R
Dismiss topics X then T

Navigation Shortcuts

Action Discourse Shortcuts
Back U
Go to post # #
Move selection up K
Move selection down J
Open selected topic O
Next section Shift + J
Previous Section Shift + K

Discourse Shortcuts are supported for all major browsers and platforms i.e. Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Discord and Discourse are two different platforms, so don’t get confused between them. Glance through the Discord Shortcuts on our website.


What is Discourse?

Discourse is an open-source, modern discussion platform designed for building online communities. It allows users to create, participate in, and moderate discussions using a variety of features, including voting, flagging, and private messaging.

Can I use Discourse for my own website or community?

Yes, Discourse can be installed on your own website or community. You will need to have some technical knowledge or access to a developer to install it, but there are many resources available to help you get started.

Can I control who can join my Discourse community?

Yes, Discourse offers a variety of moderation and access controls, including the ability to restrict who can join your community. You can require users to register with specific email domains, approve new members manually, or restrict access to certain categories or sections.

Can I integrate Discourse with other tools or services?

Yes, Discourse offers a wide range of integrations with other tools and services, including popular platforms like Slack, Google Drive, and GitHub. You can also use the Discourse API to build your own integrations.

Is Discourse free to use?

Discourse is open-source software, which means it is free to use and modify. However, if you choose to use Discourse on a hosted platform or with additional features, there may be fees associated with those services.


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