70 Garageband Keyboard Shortcuts

for MacOS

Do you wish to silence the boo-boos and steal the performance with your work? Well, then you must try Garageband shortcuts. Getting a grip on Garageband shortcuts will help speed up workflow and aid productivity no end. Memorizing the Garageband shortcuts will save you tons of time and energy while recording, tracking, and mixing.

Download Garageband Shortcuts PDF

The below list of shortcuts has nearly every Garageband shortcut for Mac users. You can even download this list of Garageband shortcuts for Mac users in PDF form. I am 100% sure that these shortcuts will allow you to complete your Garageband projects in record time.

Most used Garageband Shortcuts

Action Garageband Shortcuts Mac
Open a Movie Command + Option + O
Create a new project Command + N
Open an existing project Command + O
Close the current window or project Command + W
Minimize the Garageband window Command + M
Save the current project Command + S
Save As Command + Shift + S
Show Garageband preferences Command + ,
Hide Garageband Command + H
Quit Garageband Command + Q
Help Command + ?
Start or stop playback Spacebar
Go to beginning Return
Go to the end of the last region Option + Return
Move forward .
Move back ,
Move the cycle area forward Command + Shift + .
Move the cycle area back Command + Shift + ,
Move forward by the visible width of the timeline End key
Move back by the visible width of the timeline Home key
Zoom out Command + Left Arrow key
Zoom in Command + Right Arrow key

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Edit Track Shortcuts

Action Garageband Shortcuts
Undo Command + Z
Redo Command + Shift + Z
Cut Command + X
Copy Command + C
Paste Command + V
Delete Delete

Track Operation Shortcuts

Action Garageband Shortcuts
Create a new track Command + Option + N
Create a new audio track Command + Option + A
Create a new software instrument track Command + Option + S
Duplicate the selected track Command + D
Delete the selected track Command + Delete
Rename the selected track Shift + Return
Select the next higher track Up Arrow key
Select the next lower track Down Arrow key
Mute or Unmute the selected track M
Solo or Unsolo the selected track S

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Display objects Shortcuts

Action Garageband Shortcuts
Show or Hide Smart Controls B
Show or Hide the Score Editor N
Show or Hide the Piano Roll Editor P
Show or Hide the Loop Browser O
Show or Hide the Library Y
Show or Hide the Editor E
Show or Hide the Media Browser F
Show or Hide the Arrangement track Command + Shift + A
Show or Hide the Movie track Command + Shift + O
Show or Hide the Transposition track Command + Shift + X
Show or Hide the Tempo track Command + Shift + T
Show or Hide the Master track Command + Shift + M
Show or Hide the NotePad Command + Option + P
Show or Hide the Musical Typing window Command + K

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Other Shortcuts

Action Garageband Shortcuts
Select the previous region on the selected track Left Arrow key
Select the next region on the selected track Right Arrow key
Split selected region Command + T
Join selected regions or notes Command + J
Loop selected region continuously L
Rename the selected region Shift + N
Turn Snap to Grid on or off Command + G
Show or Hide alignment guides Command + Option + G
Start recording R
Turn the cycle area on or off C
Turn the metronome on or off K
Transpose selected notes up one semitone Option + Up Arrow key
Transpose selected notes down one semitone Option + Down Arrow key
Transpose selected notes up one octave Option + Shift + Up Arrow key
Transpose selected notes down one octave Option + Shift + Down Arrow key
Select the next score event Right Arrow key
Select the previous score event Left Arrow key
Select the next staff event Down Arrow key
Select the previous staff event Up Arrow key
Print score notation Command + P

The above list of Garageband shortcuts has made life not only easier but also a hell lot quicker. Hence, there is no need to touch your mouse every now and then to open menus. FL Studio is another device for Mac users that is used instead of Garageband. A list of FL studio shortcuts is also listed on our website! Have a look!



What does command K do on Garageband?

Command + K Allows to Show or Hide the Musical Typing window

How do you zoom in on Garageband?

Drag the horizontal zoom sliders on the ruler

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