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30 Compressor Shortcuts for Mac

List of Compressor Shortcuts

Learn Compressor Shortcuts for Mac

Most used Compressor Shortcuts

Action Compressor Shortcut keys
Add a file Command + I
Add a set of image sequence files Command + Option + I
Navigate up the list of jobs Up Arrow key
Navigate down the list of jobs Down Arrow key
Go to the previous marker Ctrl + ;
Go to the next marker Ctrl + ‘
Start transcoding the batch Command + B
Show the Current view Command + 1
Show the Active view Command + 2
Show the Completed view Command + 3
Show or hide the inspector pane Command + 4
Show or hide the Settings and Locations pane Command + 5
Show Settings Command + Shift + 1
Show Locations Command + Shift + 2
Show the Network Encoding Monitor Command + E
Show the Compressor preferences window Command + ,
Minimize the Compressor window Command + M
Close the Compressor window Command + W
Quit Compressor Command + Q
Play or Pause the video Spacebar
Play the video in reverse J
Stop playback K
Play the video L
Set the In point I
Set the Out point O
Add a marker M

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