30 Compressor Keyboard Shortcuts

The Compressor provides you with a wide variety of shortcuts to control aspects of your transcoding workflow. The compressor is an automated control that reduces the dynamic range of sounds, leading to an overall volume level that is even throughout the file.

Download Compressor Shortcuts PDF

At times, a portion of the recording may be quite loud or quite low. To ensure the voice stays within the desired range, you must use the compression feature. Below is the list of Compressor shortcuts. You can also download the Compressor shortcuts in PDF format.

Most used Compressor Shortcuts

Action Compressor Shortcuts
Add a file Command + I
Add a set of image sequence files Command + Option + I
Navigate up the list of jobs Up Arrow key
Navigate down the list of jobs Down Arrow key
Go to the previous marker Ctrl + ;
Go to the next marker Ctrl + ‘
Start transcoding the batch Command + B
Show the Current view Command + 1
Show the Active view Command + 2
Show the Completed view Command + 3
Show or hide the inspector pane Command + 4
Show or hide the Settings and Locations pane Command + 5
Show Settings Command + Shift + 1
Show Locations Command + Shift + 2
Show the Network Encoding Monitor Command + E
Show the Compressor preferences window Command + ,
Minimize the Compressor window Command + M
Close the Compressor window Command + W
Quit Compressor Command + Q
Play or Pause the video Spacebar
Play the video in reverse J
Stop playback K
Play the video L
Set the In point I
Set the Outpoint O
Add a marker M

Using the Compressor shortcut keys will make you appear more professional, and the audio sound will be more even. PotPlayer is an application that offers compression features. A list of PotPlayer shortcuts for Windows users is provided here.



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