45 OnSite Keyboard Shortcuts

for macOS

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Learn OnSite Shortcuts for Mac

OnSite POS Shortcuts

Action OnSite Shortcut keys
Search Product Mode or Payment Method 1 F1
Search Customer Mode or Payment Method 2–8 F2
Search Document Mode F3
Jump to search F4
Cancel Search F5
Toggle Walk-In/Customer F6
Log out F7
Toggle tax codes F8
Exit POS or Go Back F9
Start POS Over or New F10
Notes F11
Check out or Print F12

OnSite Menu Shortcuts

Action OnSite Shortcuts
Trackers setup Command + ,
Hide OnSite Command + H
Hide others Command + Option + H
Quit Command + Q

File Menu Shortcuts

Action OnSite Shortcut keys
New quote Command + K
New SRO Command + R
New Invoice Command + I
New Customer Command + Shift + C
New product Command + Shift + P
Close window Command + W
Log into POS Command + N
Save Command + S
Open cash drawer Command + /
Print Command + P
Change user Command + Shift + Q

Edit Menu Shortcuts

Action OnSite Shortcut keys
Cut Command + X
Copy Command + C
Paste Command + V
Select all Command + A
Link document Command + Shift + L
Apply Discount Command + Shift + D
Find Command + F
iStats setup Command + Shift + I

Tools Menu Shortcuts

Action OnSite Shortcut keys
Intelligence Command + Option + I
Reporting Command + Option + R
iStats Command + Shift + I
Web Store Command + Shift

Window Menu Shortcuts

Action OnSite Shortcut keys
Minimize window Command + W
Cycle through windows Command + ‘
Hide/show toolbar Command + T

Documents Shortcuts

Action OnSite Shortcut keys
Spell check Command + ;
Time and user stamp Command + =
Phrases Command + ‘



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