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30 Atlassian Crucible Keyboard Shortcuts

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The Atlassian Crucible Shortcuts can be used for several services like file navigation shortcuts, comment navigation shortcuts, and the basic most used one. Atlassian Crucible is a code review tool that authorizes you to discover fix and track key flaws in the code. The way things can be continuously integrated from Git and Jenkins into Crucible is stunning to watch.

Download Atlassian Crucible Shortcuts PDF

The Atlassian Crucible Shortcuts are handy! These Atlassian Crucible Shortcut keys permit you to navigate within the app faster without constantly switching between mouse and keyboard. Download the Atlassian Crucible Shortcuts list in the form of a PDF.

Most used Atlassian Crucible Shortcuts

Action Atlassian Crucible Shortcuts
Toggle full-screen preview mode G then D
Opens Reference list of Keyboard Shortcuts G then A
Closes Reference list of Keyboard Shortcuts G then I
Go to the Previous Element G then P
Go to the Next Element G then G

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File Navigation Shortcuts

Action Atlassian Crucible Shortcuts
Go to the Next Element J
Go to the Previous Element K
Go to First File Shift + K
Go to the Last File Shift + J
Go to Next Unreviewed File U
Go to Previous Unreviewed File I
Set File Reviewed and go to Next Unreviewed File Y
Toggle File Reviewed or Unreviewed Status Shift + Y
Expand Current File E
Collapse Current File C
Expand All Files Shift + E
Collapse All Files Shift + C

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Comment Navigation Shortcuts

Action Atlassian Crucible Shortcuts
Go to Next Review Comment N
Go to Previous Review Comment P
Go to First Review Comment Shift + P
Go to the Last Review Comment Shift + N
Go to the Next Thread L
Go to the Previous Thread H
Go to Next Unread Comment ]
Go to Previous Unread Comment [
Reply to a Comment R
Toggle Comment Read or Unread Status M

Atlassian Crucible is an amazing code collaboration tool but not just unique like the newly introduced ones. Did you discover your new favorite Atlassian Crucible Shortcut? GitLab is better at support, better at meeting requirements, and more useable. Hence Atlassian users might prefer using GitLab. Scan the GitLab Shortcuts for Web that we have listed on our website.


What is Atlassian Crucible?

Atlassian Crucible is a collaborative code review tool that allows developers to review and discuss code changes in real-time.

How does Atlassian Crucible work?

Atlassian Crucible works by allowing developers to upload code changes for review, which can be assigned to reviewers who can add comments, suggest changes, and approve or reject the changes.

Q: What programming languages does Atlassian Crucible support?

Atlassian Crucible supports a wide range of programming languages, including Java, C/C++, Python, Ruby, and many more.

Can Atlassian Crucible integrate with other tools?

Yes, Atlassian Crucible integrates with other development tools such as JIRA, Bitbucket, and GitHub.


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