CA PAM RDP Client Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

Since the Covid times, the work-from-home culture has been emerging. Hence, this is where the remote desktop protocol (RDP) catches its attention. RDP is used for connecting two computers over a network. Individuals, IT teams, and remote workers use the RDP more frequently and are going to love these handy CA PAM RDP Client shortcut Keys as they make tasks easy and time-saving.

Download CA PAM RDP Client Shortcuts PDF

The pervasiveness of RD functionality has fundamentally changed the way I work. Note that not all the windows or the Apple shortcut keys may work as you expect them to work. Hence, given below is the CA PAM RDP Client Shortcuts list for you to work on a remote desktop server. Download the CA PAM RDP Client Shortcut keys list in the form of a PDF.

Most used CA PAM RDP Client Shortcuts

Action CA PAM RDP Client Shortcut keys
Switches between Programs from Left to Right Alt + Page Up key
Switches between Programs from Right to Left Alt + Page Down key
Cycles through Programs in the order they were started Alt + Insert
Display Start Menu Alt + Home
Brings Up the Windows Security Dialog Box Ctrl + Alt + End
Context Menu is Shown Alt + Delete
Place Snapshot on Active Window Ctrl + Alt + –

The demand for RDP technologies is spreading like wildfire these days. Hence, all sorts of clients are looking for variants or CA PAM RDP Client alternatives. ConnectWise is an all-in-one package that can dominate the market just like AnyDesk and TeamViewer are doing. Quickly glance at the ConnectWise Control Shortcuts list.


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