58 Smartplant Review Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Most used Smartplant Review Shortcuts

Action Smartplant Review Shortcuts
Copy Ctrl + C
Find Object Ctrl + F
Open Ctrl + O
Print Ctrl + P
Save Ctrl + S
Paste Text Ctrl + V
Cut Ctrl + X
Redo Ctrl + Y
Undo Ctrl + Z

Managing Smartplan Review Shortcuts

Action Smartplan Review Shortcuts
View Project Manager Alt + 0
View Position Control toolbar Alt + 1
View Perspective Angle toolbar Alt + 2
View Encircle Radius toolbar Alt + 3
Display Common Views control Alt + 4
Delete all measurement collections Ctrl + D
Delete all measurements Ctrl + Alt + D
Delete the last measurement Ctrl + M
Delete measurements in the active collection Ctrl + Shift + M
Play key frame motion Ctrl + R
Pause keyframe motion Ctrl + Spacebar
Play a Schedule Review session Ctrl + Alt + R
Pause a Schedule Review session Ctrl + Alt + Spacebar
Stop a Schedule Review session Ctrl + Alt + S
Switch to single view layout Shift + 1
Switch to three view layout Shift + 3
Switch to four view layout Shift + 4
Toggle display of the main window Ctrl + 1
Toggle display of the Plan window Ctrl + 2
Toggle display of the Elevation window Ctrl + 3
Toggle display of the Text window Ctrl + 4
Stop the current view update, key frame motion, or raytrace Esc

Function keys

Action Smartplant Review Shortcuts
Help F1
Assign Materials to Elements F2
Assign Materials to Display the Set Ctrl + F2
Define Display Set F3
Move Display Set Ctrl + F3
Hide Level (Object) F4
Level Settings Ctrl + F4
Refresh F5
Refresh All Ctrl + F5
Raytrace Shift + F5
View Settings F6
Save and Recall (View Operations) Ctrl + F6
Photo-Realism Settings Shift + F6
Frame Show Motion F7
Motion Settings Ctrl + F7
Global Lighting Settings Shift + F7
Snaplock Measurement F8
Surface Measurement Ctrl + F8
Edit Measurement Collections Shift + F8
New Measurement Collections Ctrl + Shift + F8
Place Tag with a leader line F9
Place Tag without a leader line Ctrl + F9
Next Tag F10
Previous Tag Ctrl + F10
Full-Screen Toggle F11
Arrange All Ctrl + F11
Collision Detection F12


Here are some frequently asked questions about Smartplant Review keyboard shortcuts:

Are there specific keyboard shortcuts for common actions like saving, opening files, or copying and pasting in Smartplant Review?

Yes, as mentioned in the first answer, Smartplant Review has specific keyboard shortcuts for common actions. Ctrl + O for opening files, Ctrl + S for saving files, Ctrl + C for copying, and Ctrl + V for pasting are a few examples.

Is there a keyboard shortcut for zooming in and out in Smartplant Review?

Yes, Smartplant Review often provides keyboard shortcuts for zooming in and out. Some common shortcuts include Ctrl + “+” (plus) to zoom in and Ctrl + “-” (minus) to zoom out. Additionally, Ctrl + 0 (zero) usually resets the zoom level.



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