45 Valorant Keyboard Shortcuts

This Valorant Shortcuts guide is designed to control your in-game character in the easiest manner and for your comfort. Valorant is a shooter game and it’s only available for Windows users. Valorant Shortcuts will quickly get to certain settings or open a few stuff that we might need.

Download Valorant Shortcuts PDF

Valorant players must consider the use of Valorant Shortcuts in order to improve the speed and the quality of the gameplay. These shortcuts will be helpful not only for the individual’s success but also for the success of the team. Given below are the Valorant Shortcuts list that can be used to play Valorant on a Windows PC. Download the printable format of the Valorant Shortcuts list in PDF format.

Equipment Shortcuts

Action Valorant Shortcut keys
Reload R
Equip The Primary Weapon 1
Equip The Secondary Weapon 2
Equip The Melee Weapon 3
Equip Spike 4
Drop The Equipped Item G
Inspect The Weapon Y
Use The Object F
Use The Spike (Plant Or Defuse) 4
Use/Equip The Ability: 1 Q
Use/Equip The Ability: 2 E
Use/Equip The Ability: 3 C
Use/Equip The Ability: Ultimate X
Use The Spray T

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Movement Shortcuts

Action Valorant Shortcut keys
Move Forward W
Move Back S
Strafe Left A
Strafe Right D
Walk Left Shift key
Jump Spacebar
Crouch Left Ctrl key

Interface Shortcuts

Action Valorant Shortcut keys
Show The Teammate Loadouts L
Combat Report N
Agent Ability Tooltip F1
Open The Armory B
Open The Map (Toggle) M
Open The Map (Hold) Caps Lock
Scoreboard Tab
Observer, This Key Will Show The Toggle Free Camera V
Observe Player 1 1
Observe Player 2 In The Observer 2
Observe Player 3 In The Observer 3
Observe Player 4 In The Observer 4
Observe Player 5 In The Observer 5
Observe Player 6 In The Observer 6
Observe Player 7 In The Observer 7
Observe Player 8 In The Observer 8
Observe Player 9 In The Observer 9

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Communication Shortcuts

Action Valorant Shortcut keys
Party voice push to talk key U
Team voice push to talk key V
Ping(tap)/ping wheel(hold) Z
Radio command menu index .
Radio command wheel index ,

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