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40 MusicBee Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

No matter how huge or loll your music collection is, MusicBee Shortcuts are here to your rescue. MusicBee is an easy-to-use application, it supports an equalizer, uses the DSP effect to fine-tune the sound, listens to gapless music, creates beautiful skins, supports web radio stations, and supports podcasts as well as SoundCloud integration.

Download MusicBee Keyboard Shortcuts PDF

To organize your audio files, you first start adding tracks from iTunes or Windows Media Player, the MusicBee app will intelligently start tagging the missing or incomplete metadata and get them properly organized. So given below is the list of MusicBee Shortcuts Windows users. All the audiophiles you have heard it right. You could even Download the MusicBee Shortcuts for Windows users in PDF form.

File Menu Shortcuts

Action MusicBee Keyboard Shortcuts
Remove Delete
Hard Delete Shift + Delete
Rescan or Add Files Insert
Refresh F5
Create New Tab Ctrl + T
Close Tab Ctrl + W

Playback Controls Shortcuts

Action MusicBee Keyboard Shortcuts
Play Next Track Ctrl + N
Play or Pause Ctrl + P
Previous Track Ctrl + B
Play Now Alt + Enter
Queue Last Ctrl + Enter
Queue Next Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Stop Ctrl + S
Volume Up Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow key
Volume Down Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow key
Volume Mute On or Off Ctrl + Alt + V

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Edit Controls Shortcuts

Action MusicBee Keyboard Shortcuts
Configure MusicBee Preferences Ctrl + O
Copy Tags and Artwork Ctrl + C
Paste Copied Tags Ctrl + V
Custom Search Ctrl + F
Edit Tags Shift + Enter
Select All Ctrl + A
Amend Clicked Column F2

Rating Shortcuts

Action MusicBee Keyboard Shortcuts
0.5 Star Up (for now playing) Ctrl + Alt + +
0.5 Star Down (for now playing) Ctrl + Alt + –
1 … 5 Stars (for now playing) Ctrl + Alt + 1 … 5
0.5 Star Up (for selected tracks) Alt + +
0.5 Star Down (for selected tracks) Alt + –
1 … 5 Stars (for selected tracks) Alt + 1 … 5

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Views Shortcuts

Action MusicBee Keyboard Shortcuts
Show Now Playing Assistant Alt + J
Show Now Playing Track Finder Alt + F
Show Tag Manager Alt + E
Show Visualizer Full Screen F11

Tools Shortcuts

Action MusicBee Keyboard Shortcuts
Analyze Volume Ctrl + Shift + V
Auto-Organize Files Ctrl + R
Auto Tag by Track Update Tags Ctrl + L
RIP CD Alt + R

If MusicBee doesn’t suit you, then you must hunt for a MusicBee alternative. VLC, MPV, and Winamp are the other standby applications for MusicBee. Look into VLC Shortcuts, MPV Shortcuts, and Winamp Shortcuts TODAY!


What is MusicBee?

MusicBee is a free music player and organizer software for Windows. It allows users to play and manage their music collection, as well as customize the appearance and functionality of the player.

What audio formats does MusicBee support?

MusicBee supports a wide range of audio formats, including MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, OGG, and WAV.

Can I import my music library into MusicBee?

Yes, MusicBee allows users to import their music library from iTunes, Windows Media Player, and other music players. It also supports importing playlists, ratings, and other metadata.

Does MusicBee have a built-in equalizer?

Yes, MusicBee has a 10-band equalizer that allows users to adjust the sound quality to their preferences.

Is MusicBee easy to use?

MusicBee has a user-friendly interface and offers extensive customization options, but some users may find it overwhelming or confusing at first. The software offers tutorials and support to help users get started.


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