80 Directory Opus Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

Popular file manager, Directory Opus Shortcuts was first created in the early to mid-1990s for the Amiga Computer System. Directory Opus is best described as a complete replacement for Explorer with far more power and functionality than any other file manager.

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By being familiar with the below list of Directory Opus Shortcuts, you can work more quickly. In a short amount of time, you can pick dozens or even hundreds of Directory Opus shortcuts. Are you looking to peruse the Directory Opus Shortcuts in a sophisticated PDF format?

Most used Directory Opus Shortcuts

Action Directory Opus Shortcuts
Open new lister Ctrl + E
Close lister Alt + F4
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Cut Ctrl + X
Undo Ctrl + Z
Copy file names Ctrl + Shift + N
Copy full pathnames Ctrl + Shift + C
Calculate folder sizes Ctrl + L
Select all Ctrl + A
Select by pattern Ctrl + S
Invert selection Ctrl + I
FTP connect Ctrl + Q
Edit address book Ctrl + Shift + Q

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View Menu Shortcuts

Action Directory Opus shortcuts
Details Ctrl + Shift + D
Details + thumbnails Ctrl + Shift + H
Thumbnails Ctrl + Shift + M

Tools Menu Shortcuts

Action Directory Opus shortcuts
Find files Ctrl + F
Synchronize Ctrl + Y
Find duplicate files Ctrl + U

Lister Menu Shortcuts

Action Directory Opus shortcut keys
Dual display F6
Viewer pane F7
Folder tree F8
Dual folder tree Shift + F8
Metadata pane F9

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Menu Bar Shortcuts

Action Directory Opus shortcut keys
File menu Alt + F
Edit menu Alt + E
FTP menu Alt + P
Tools menu Alt + T
Settings menu Alt + S
View menu Alt + V
Folder menu Alt + O
Lister menu Alt + L

Folder Menu Shortcuts

Action Directory Opus shortcut keys
New tab for the current Ctrl + T
New tabs for selected Ctrl + Shift + T
Close tab Ctrl + W
Undo close tab Ctrl + Shift + W

Operations Toolbar Shortcuts

Action Directory Opus shortcut keys
Copy files Ctrl + 1
Copy as Ctrl + Shift + 1
Move Ctrl + 2
Move as Ctrl + Shift + 2
Rename Ctrl + 3
New folder Ctrl + N
New archive Ctrl + H
New text document Ctrl + O
Delete Delete
Admin Ctrl + Shift + A
Archive files Ctrl + 4
Files to separate archives Ctrl + Shift + 4
Properties Alt + Enter
Attributes Ctrl + B
Description Ctrl + P
Edit metadata Ctrl + M
Help F1
Copy Files menu Alt + C
Move menu Alt + M
Rename menu Alt + N
New Folder menu Alt + W
Delete menu Alt + D
Properties menu Alt + R
Help menu Alt + H

Others Shortcuts

Action Directory Opus shortcut keys
Add to favorites Ctrl + D
Autosize columns Ctrl + +
Back Alt + Left Arrow key
Forward Alt + Right Arrow key
Delete force Shift + Delete
Go root Ctrl + Backspace
Go up Backspace
Inline rename F2
Location F4
New lister Win + Shift + E
Next tab Ctrl + Page Down key
Previous tab Ctrl + Page Up key
Path entry Shift + Enter
Refresh F5
Refresh thumbnails Ctrl + F5
Restore filter Ctrl + Shift + 8
Search F3
Zoom in Ctrl + =
Zoom out Ctrl + –
Zoom reset Ctrl + 0

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