21 Meditech Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn Meditech Shortcuts for Windows

Most used Meditech Shortcuts

Action Meditech Shortcut keys
Put focus to the end, then highlight rows of text as you arrow up Ctrl + End then Shift
Clear a field Delete
Open the Online help (available on most screens) F1
Refresh screen. Can be used to “wake up” the screen in SST F5
Navigate in sections F6
Bounce among sections of the outer frame of the window F8
Open list of options on a dropdown (when available) F9
Clear the line F10
Exit user from screen (without saving) F11
File and save any data entered into the HCIS screen F12
Go to the end of a field / Highlight a row Shift + End
Highlight multiple rows Shift + Up & Down Arrow key
Open the printer list Shift + –
Toggle checkbox field Spacebar
Navigate to the next field Tab
Navigate to the previous field Shift + Tab
Close the Magic session X

Time and Date Shortcuts

Action Meditech Shortcut Keys
Date and/or time N
Today (date only) T
Current date plus x number of days in the future T then + then #
Current date minus x number of days in the past T then – then #



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