28 YouTube keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

download youtube keyboard shortcuts pdf

Easily navigate the platform and control your video playback as the YouTube keyboard shortcuts are here to help you. Also, it will make your user experience more efficient and enjoyable. The keyboard shortcuts will be helping a lot of people since there are way too many people who spend most of their time on YouTube.

List of YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

Suppose you are one of those people who spend hours a day on YouTube. Then I would recommend you to try the YouTube Shortcuts. The list of YouTube keyboard shortcuts is too long. Download the YouTube shortcuts in the form of a PDF.

Download YouTube Shortcuts PDF

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Basic Shortcuts

Action YouTube Hotkeys
Play or Pause video – Player focus required Spacebar
Play or Pause video – doesn’t require focus K
Mute or Unmute volume M
Move backward 5 seconds Left Arrow key
Move forward 5 seconds Right Arrow key
Move forward 10 seconds L
Move backward 10 seconds J
Turn up volume by 5% Up Arrow key
Turn down volume by 5% Down Arrow key
Restart the video Home/0
Move playhead to the respective percentage, 10%…90% 1, 2, 3…9
Enter or Exit fullscreen F
Exit fullscreen Esc
Move to the next video – only in the playlist Ctrl + Right Arrow key
Move to the previous video – only in the playlist Ctrl + Left Arrow key
Move forward in the player control buttons Tab
Move backward in player control buttons Shift + Tab
Execute the select player control button Enter
Turn on/off CC (closed captions) C
Increase CC font size when it’s turned on +
Decrease CC font size when it’s turned on
Change CC background-color B
Increase play speed >
Decrease play speed <
Play previously played video Shift + P
Play the next video in the recommendation/playlist Shift + N
Place the text cursor in the search field to start typing /
Focus away from the search field if the text cursor is there Esc

Of course, you can always pay for YouTube Premium and enjoy no ads, downloads, or background play on YouTube and YouTube Music.

Out of the above shortcuts, the most common keyboard shortcut that people know is using the Spacebar key which will help you pause and unpause the video. Learning them may require some practice, but it is worth the time invested. Once you have invested your time in YouTube keyboard shortcuts, the next in line is Zoom Shortcuts.


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