25 SharePoint Keyboard Shortcuts

SharePoint Shortcuts offer a fast and efficient means of controlling SharePoint. They are often quicker than using the mouse for most tasks. Therefore, it is beneficial to familiarize yourself with SharePoint Shortcuts. SharePoint is renowned for its content management system (CMS), collaboration suite, web application platform, and social network capabilities.

Download SharePoint Shortcuts PDF

Understanding SharePoint Shortcuts can greatly benefit your business. Familiarizing yourself with SharePoint Shortcuts is one way to enhance the convenience of using SharePoint. Below is a comprehensive list of all available SharePoint Shortcuts. You can download the SharePoint Shortcut keys list in PDF format.

Most used SharePoint Shortcuts

Action SharePoint Shortcut Keys
Apply or Remove Bold formatting Ctrl + B
Apply or Remove Italic formatting Ctrl + I
Apply or Remove Underline Ctrl + U
Indent a paragraph from the left Ctrl + M
Remove a paragraph indent from the left Ctrl + Shift + M
Create a document Alt + N
Upload a document Alt + U
Delete the selection without adding it to the clipboard Delete
Switch between Inserting Insert
Delete the selection Backspace
Delete all the words in front of the cursor Ctrl + Backspace
Insert a new line Shift + Enter
Activate the action menu Alt + C
Activate the Respond to this Survey button Alt + N
Activate the show a graphical summary of the response link Alt + R
Select the Save and Close button Alt + S
Activate the Show All Responses link Alt + U
Activate the Settings menu Alt + I
Activate the Next Page button Alt + N
Create a folder Alt + N then Tab
Turn the more accessible mode on or off Tab
Expand Menu Shift + Enter
Move to different options in a Drop down list Alt + Down Arrow key

Choosing the best SharePoint alternative can be challenging. It’s essential to understand the project management features you’re looking for in the alternative. One potential alternative to SharePoint is Atlassian Confluence. Confluence is also collaboration software designed to create a centralized workspace for team members to work and interact. Take a look at the Confluence Shortcuts list.



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