25 SharePoint Shortcuts for Windows

List of SharePoint Shortcuts

Learn Microsoft SharePoint Shortcuts for Windows

Most used SharePoint Shortcuts

Action Microsoft SharePoint Shortcut keys
Apply or Remove Bold formatting Ctrl + B
Apply or Remove Italic formatting Ctrl + I
Apply or Remove Underline Ctrl + U
Indent a paragraph from the left Ctrl + M
Remove a paragraph indent from the left Ctrl + Shift + M
Create a document Alt + N
Upload a document Alt + U
Delete the selection without adding it to the clipboard Delete
Switch between Inserting Insert
Delete the selection Backspace
Delete all the words in front of the cursor Ctrl + Backspace
Insert a new line Shift + Enter
Activate the action menu Alt + C
Activate the Respond to this survey button Alt + N
Activate the show a graphical summary of the response link Alt + R
Select the Save and Close button Alt + S
Activate the Show all responses link Alt + U
Activate the Settings menu Alt + I
Activate the Next Page button Alt + N
Create a folder Alt + N then Tab
Turn more accessible mode on or off Tab
Expand Menu Shift + Enter
Move to different options in a Drop down list Alt + Down Arrow key

Download Microsoft SharePoint Shortcuts PDF

Download SharePoint Shortcuts PDF


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