120 Kerbal Space Program Keyboard Shortcuts

Whether you’re a new or seasoned player of the Kerbal Space Program, you’ll want to explore this guide on Kerbal Space Program Shortcuts. Kerbal Space Program is a video game that simulates space travel, requiring a thorough understanding of its shortcuts to ensure your Kerbals reach space safely and stay alive.

Download Kerbal Space Program Shortcuts PDF

Below are the default Kerbal Space Program Shortcuts for PC. Download the Kerbal Space Program Shortcuts list in PDF format to safeguard your Kerbals from unfortunate mishaps.

Flight Controls Shortcuts

Action Kerbal Space Program Shortcuts
Pitch adjustment up/back W
Pitch adjustment down/forward S
Yaw adjustment port/left A
Yaw adjustment starboard/right D
Roll adjustment counterclockwise Q
Roll adjustment clockwise E
Toggle IVA view C
Toggle camera view V
Increase throttle Shift
Decrease throttle Ctrl
Detach stage or launch Spacebar
Toggle SAS T
Hold to temporarily invert SAS state F
Lock current stage Mod + L
Toggle precision softer controls Caps Lock
Toggle RCS R
RCS thrust translates forward H
RCS thrust translates backward N
RCS thrust translates down I
RCS thrust translates to the left J
RCS thrust translates up K
RCS thrust translates right L
Cut throttle X
Full throttle Z
Toggle landing gear G
Trim pitch/yaw/roll Mod + W
Reset trim Mod + X
Wheel brakes B
Toggle vehicle lights U
Activate custom action groups 1-10 0 – 9
Activate abort action group Backspace
Open part info window Right Mouse Click
Open multiple info windows for fuel transfer Mod + Right Mouse Click
Scroll stage icons up Home
Scroll stage icons down End

Docking Mode Shortcuts

Action KSP Keyboard Shortcuts
Pitch adjustment up/back or Translate up W
Pitch adjustment down/forward or Translate down S
Yaw adjustment port/left or Translate left A
Yaw adjustment starboard/right or Translate right D
Roll adjustment Q
Translate forward Shift
Translate back Ctrl
Toggle translation/rotation Spacebar

EVA Commands Shortcuts

Action Kerbal Space Program Shortcuts
Walk/jet forward W
Walk/jet back S
Walk/jet left A
Walk/jet right D
Jet rotate left Q
Jet rotate right E
Jet up Shift
Jet down Ctrl
Jump/Let go of part Spacebar
Reorient attitude to the camera by jet Spacebar
Use part F
Jump in different directions when on ladders Shift + W + Spacebar
Sprint Shift + W
Toggle headlamps L
Toggle jetpack R
Return to cockpit B
Toggle movement Mod
Cycle through active ships/EVAs – forwards ]
Cycle through active ships/EVAs – backward [

VAB or SPH Commands Shortcuts

Action KSP Keyboard Shortcuts
Undo the last action Ctrl + Z
Redo the last action Ctrl + Y
Duplicate part or assembly in VAB Mod + Left Mouse Click
Toggle Angle Snap C
Cycle symmetry settings (forward) X
Cycle symmetry settings (backward) Shift + X
Scroll view up Page Up key
Scroll view down Page Down key
Move the entire ship Shift + Left Mouse Click
Zoom view in Shift + Scroll Mouse Up
Zoom view out Shift + Scroll Mouse Down
Rotate part backward W
Rotate part forwards S
Rotate the part counterclockwise (flat) A
Rotate part clockwise (flat) D
Rotate part counterclockwise Q
Rotate the part clockwise in VAB E
Hold to rotate parts in 5° instead of 90° steps Shift
Reset part rotation Spacebar
Place Mode 1
Offset Mode 2
Rotate Mode 3
Root Mode 4

System or UI Commands Shortcuts

Action KSP Keyboard Shortcuts
Zoom view in +
Zoom view out
Open debug console Mod + F12
Orbital map toggle M
Cycle focus in orbital map Tab
Reverse cycle focus in orbital map Shift + Tab
Reset focus in the orbital map Backspace
Staging (default) controls Insert
Docking controls Delete
Time warp increase .
Time warp decrease ,
Stop time warp \
Physical time warp increase Mod + .
Physical time warp decrease Mod + ,
Toggle navball .
Cycle through active ships (forwards) ]
Cycle through active ships (backward) [
Screenshot F1
Toggle UI visibility F2
Toggle results screen F3
Toggle ship labels F4
Quicksave F5
Make a specific, user-inputted quicksave Mod + F5
Hold Load quicksave F9
Load a specific quicksave Mod + F9
Load saved game state dialogue box Ctrl + F10
Temperature Gauges F10
Temperatures Overlay F11
Aerodynamic Forces Overlay F12
Debug/cheat menu Mod + F12

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