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15 Glitch Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn Glitch Shortcuts for Windows

Most used Glitch Shortcuts

Action Glitch Shortcut Keys
Show keyboard shortcuts ?
Show the app in a new window Ctrl + Shift + R
Show the app next to the code Ctrl + Shift + U
Project Search Ctrl + P
Sidebar toggle Ctrl + I
Rewind toggle Ctrl + Shift + M
Close Dialog Esc

Advanced Shortcuts

Action Glitch Shortcuts
Export to GitHub Ctrl + Shift + E
Logs toggle Ctrl + Shift + L
Open console Ctrl + Shift + X

Text editing Shortcuts

Action Glitch Shortcut keys
Find text Ctrl + F
Find and replace Ctrl + Alt + F
Jump to line Ctrl + G
Search files and replace Ctrl + Shift + F



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