110 Axialis IconWorkshop Keyboard Shortcuts

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Learn Axialis IconWorkshop Shortcuts for Windows

Menu Bar Shortcuts

Action Axialis IconWorkshop Shortcuts
File menu Alt + F
Edit menu Alt + E
Image menu Alt + I
Draw menu Alt + D
Color menu Alt + C
Librarian menu Alt + L
Favorites menu Alt + A
View menu Alt + V
Window menu Alt + W
Help menu Alt + H

File Menu Shortcuts

Action Axialis IconWorkshop Shortcuts
New Windows icon project Ctrl + W
New Macintosh icon project Ctrl + M
New Bitmap image, iPhone, Android, Unix icon Ctrl + I
New Image strip for toolbar Ctrl + T
New Windows icon project from this image Ctrl + Shift + Y
New Macintosh icon project from this image Ctrl + Shift + Z
New Icon project from an image Ctrl + J
New Icon project from clipboard Ctrl + Q
New Icon Library Ctrl + L
New Internet browser Ctrl + B
Open Ctrl + O
Browse Ctrl + Shift + O
Download Ctrl + D
Close all Ctrl + Shift + F4
Save Ctrl + S
Save as Macintosh icon Ctrl + Alt + S
Save all Ctrl + Shift + S
Revert F12
Import Image Ctrl + Shift + I
Export Windows BMP Ctrl + Shift + E
Export Photoshop with transparency (PSD) Ctrl + Shift + R
Export PNG with transparency Ctrl + Shift + T
Export CompuServe GIF (optimized for the Web) Ctrl + Shift + G
Export Jpeg 2000 with transparency (JP2) Ctrl + Shift + J
Export Other formats (PNM, HDR, WBMP) Ctrl + Shift + Q
Export All image formats in separate files Ctrl + Shift + K
Add to the Librarian F3
Add to the Librarian as an image object Ctrl + F3
Print Ctrl + P

Edit Menu Shortcuts

Action Axialis IconWorkshop Shortcut keys
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Paste as a new image Ctrl + Shift + V
Select all Ctrl + A
Erase Delete
Find – In the Librarian Ctrl + F
Find – In the computer Ctrl + G
Find – On the Internet Ctrl + H
Generate activation codes Alt + F6
Customize Windows icons F7
Preferences F2
Create snapshot Ctrl + Shift + P
Properties Alt + Enter

Image Menu Shortcuts

Action IconWorkshop Keyboard Shortcuts
Adjustments or effects – Brightness/contrast B
Adjustments or effects – Hue/saturation U
Adjustments or effects – Invert colors I
Adjustments or effects – Drop Shadow D
Filters – Last filter F
Crop C

Draw Menu Shortcuts

Action IconWorkshop Keyboard Shortcuts
New image format Insert
Remove image format Ctrl + D
Add several image formats from this image V
PNG compressed image format – Windows Vista K
Grid G
Preserve transparency T
Smooth edges (RGB/A only) E
Set floating selection to the background Home
Drawing tools – Selection A
Drawing tools – Color picker C
Drawing tools – Pencil P
Drawing tools – Brush J
Drawing tools – Flood fill Q
Drawing tools – Line L
Drawing tools – Rectangle M
Drawing tools – Filled rectangle N
Drawing tools – Ellipse X
Drawing tools – Filled ellipse Y
Drawing tools – 3D frame 3
Filters – Last filter F
Add text Ctrl + T
Rotate R
Rotate 180° CCW Z
Scale S
Flip vertical W
Flip horizontal H
Capture icon Ctrl + U

View Menu Shortcuts

Action IconWorkshop Keyboard Shortcuts
Zoom in +
Zoom out
Librarian Esc
Main toolbar F9
Recently used bar F8
Customize the main toolbar Ctrl + F9
Preview 1:1 Alt + F10
Drawing tools Alt + F11
Colors Alt + F12
Local toolbar Alt + F2
Status bar Alt + F3
Refresh F5

Other Axialis IconWorkshop Shortcuts

Action IconWorkshop Keyboard Shortcuts
New swatch Ctrl + W
Copy color as HTML Ctrl + R
Rename F6
Add to favorites Ctrl + K
Reorganize desktop now Ctrl + Shift + F12
Automatic reorganization Ctrl + F12
Contents and index F1
Axialis on the Web – User Community Ctrl + F7
Check for updates Ctrl + F8


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