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30 Amarok Keyboard Shortcuts

Amarok is considered a powerful music and audio player. Just like the list of Amarok Shortcuts is extensive, its features are also rich and equivalent. It is used to organize music files according to genre and artist.

Download Amarok Shortcuts PDF

Amarok Shortcut Keys make playing the music you love more enjoyable. Discovering new music has also become easier than ever before with the list of Amarok Shortcuts below. Download the list of Amarok Shortcuts in PDF format.

Most used Amarok Shortcuts

Action Amarok Shortcut keys
Copy Ctrl + C
Save Playlist Ctrl + S
Select All Ctrl + A
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Shift + Z
Goto Current Ctrl + Enter
Queue Selected Tracks Ctrl + D
Show Menubar Ctrl + M
Shuffle Ctrl + H
Rename Playlist F2
Load Playlist Spacebar
Remove Playlist Backspace
Quit Ctrl + Q
Play Win + X
Pause Win + C
Stop Win + V
Next Track Win + B
Previous Track Win + Z
Increase Volume Win + +
Decrease Volume Win + –
Seek Forward Win + Shift + +
Seek Backward Win + Shift + –
Add Media Win + A
Toggle Playlist Win + P
Show OSD Win + O
Mute Volume Win + M

Clementine Player is a cross-platform open-source music player and organizer, often regarded as a robust alternative to Amarok. Take a look at the Clementine Player Shortcuts list for both Windows and Linux devices.



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