Atlassian JIRA JQL Cheat Sheet

for Windows

Accessing Jira issues is made easier with the JQL Cheat Sheet. To put it another way, Jira Query Language (JQL) is an effective tool for searching Jira for issues in large projects that need rapid or primary attention. In the long run, mastering JQL cheat sheets can save a tonne of time. Although there are a few minor variations, JQL and SQL have a similar structure.

Download the JIRA JQL Cheat Sheet PDF

Below is a list of JQL cheat sheets for project managers, developers, test engineers, and even business users who use sophisticated search engines to locate the data. Get the JQL Cheat Sheet in PDF format to assist users in finding issues and carrying out different Jira tasks.

Atlassian JIRA JQL Cheat Sheet

Function JQL Cheat Sheet
Add qualifiers to a list AND
Target one thing !=
Track a bunch of things is in (List, Of, Things)
Do not include a bunch of things not in (List, of, Things)
–1d for the day -1w
Specify the dates “­201­6/4­/15­

Because of some of its limitations, users search for alternatives to JQL. The JQL substitute can primarily be used as a project management tool, but it can also be used as a task management or teamwork tool. Given that Basecamp is a project management tool as well, it is the greatest substitute for JQL. You can even look through our website’s Basecamp Shortcuts list.


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