25 Gwenview Keyboard Shortcuts

The tool I prefer for quick or limited image editing is Gwenview. While its primary function is viewing images, it also offers some basic editing functions. As KDE’s default image viewer, Gwenview is widely used. Its shortcuts make image manipulation even quicker and easier.

Download Gwenview Shortcuts PDF

Similar to other software, Gwenview offers a range of keyboard shortcuts. Below is a list of all the keyboard shortcuts available in Gwenview. You can also download the Gwenview Shortcuts list in PDF format.

Most used Gwenview Shortcuts

Action Gwenview Shortcut keys
Copy an image Ctrl + F7
Move an image Ctrl + F8
Link an image Ctrl + F9
Rename an image inline Ctrl + F2
Show or hide the menubar Ctrl + M
Show or hide the Thumbnail bar Ctrl + B
Edit tags Ctrl + T
When multiple images are displayed in View Mode Ctrl + Y
Save any changes made to the image Ctrl + S
Rotate the current image to the right Ctrl + R
Rotate the current image to the left Ctrl + L
Print the current image Ctrl + P
Open an image using the standard file selection dialogue Ctrl + O
Move an image to the trash Delete
Delete an image Shift + Delete
Resize the current image Shift + R
Crop the current image Shift + C
Switches back to Browse Mode Esc
Show or hide the Sidebar F4
Pressing this shortcut toggles zoom-to-fit on and off F
Viewing a video this shortcut toggles playback on and off P
Displays the next image in the directory Spacebar
Displays the previous image in the directory Backspace
Switches into Full-Screen Mode Ctrl + Shift + F

When it comes to image editing on a Linux device, GIMP is the go-to choice for many. It’s an excellent all-around graphic program. Explore even more of its capabilities with these excellent GIMP shortcuts. For Windows users, IrfanView is a great option for quick and easy image editing.


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