25 Gwenview Shortcuts for Linux

List of Gwenview Shortcuts

Learn Gwenview Shortcuts for Linux

Most used Gwenview Shortcuts

Action Gwenview Shortcut keys
Copy an image Ctrl + F7
Move an image Ctrl + F8
Link an image Ctrl + F9
Rename an image inline Ctrl + F2
Show or hide the menubar Ctrl + M
Show or hide the Thumbnail bar Ctrl + B
Edit tags Ctrl + T
When multiple images are displayed in View Mode Ctrl + Y
Save any changes made to the image Ctrl + S
Rotate the current image to the right Ctrl + R
Rotate the current image to the left Ctrl + L
Print the current image Ctrl + P
Open an image using the standard file selection dialogue Ctrl + O
Move an image to the trash Delete
Delete an image Shift + Delete
Resize the current image Shift + R
Crop the current image Shift + C
Switches back to Browse Mode Esc
Show or hide the Sidebar F4
Pressing this shortcut toggles zoom-to-fit on and off F
Viewing a video this shortcut toggles playback on and off P
Displays the next image in the directory Spacebar
Displays the previous image in the directory Backspace
Switches into Full-Screen Mode Ctrl + Shift + F

Download Gwenview Shortcut keys PDF

Download Gwenview Shortcuts PDF


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