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Google Translator Toolkit Keyboard Shortcuts

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Learn Google Translator Toolkit Shortcuts for Windows

Translation Shortcuts

Action Google Translator Toolkit Shortcut keys
Open/close toolkit Ctrl + Shift + K
Replace translation with source Ctrl + Shift + S
Replace translation with a machine translation Ctrl + Shift + M
Replace translation with translation memory Ctrl + Shift + L
Start automatic translation search Ctrl + Shift + A
Start a custom translation search for highlighted text Ctrl + Shift + C
Automatically insert placeholders Ctrl + Shift + I
Clear all placeholders Ctrl + Shift + U
Show placeholder menu Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar
Open keyboard shortcut help Ctrl + /

Editing Shortcuts

Action Google Translator Shortcut keys
Find and replace Ctrl + F
Save Ctrl + S
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Add comment Ctrl + M

Navigation Shortcuts

Action Google Translator Shortcuts
Select the first unit Ctrl + Home
Select the last unit Ctrl + End
Select the previous unit Ctrl + K
Select next unit Ctrl + J
Select the previous untranslated unit Alt + K
Select the next untranslated unit Alt + J
Select the next invalid unit Alt + L



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