30 GoToMeeting Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

GoToMeeting Shortcuts are also known as GTM Shortcuts. GoToMeeting is an easy, reliable, and powerful virtual meeting software. GTM is majorly used throughout the globe and in many organizations. It enables users to meet via the Internet in real-time with other users, customers, clients, etc.

We can say that people have started working remotely. And working remotely is the new trend that has been set in aside from what business you do.

Download GoToMeeting Shortcuts PDF

GTM is a mobile-friendly platform as well. For the sake of GTM users, we have seamlessly listed or in other words, outlined the GoToMeeting Shortcuts for desktop users. Download these GoToMeeting Shortcuts in the form of a PDF. Do not worry the list is short.

Meeting Shortcuts

Action GoToMeeting Keyboard Shortcuts
Mute or unmute your own Audio Ctrl + Alt + A
Start or stop screen sharing Ctrl + Alt + S
Pause or resume screen sharing Ctrl + Alt + P
Start or stop the webcam Ctrl + Alt + W
Start a chat message Ctrl + Alt + T
Toggle computer or phone audio Ctrl + Alt + U
Open GoToMeeting menu F10
Toggle Audio tab Ctrl + Alt + 1
Toggle the Screen Sharing tab Ctrl + Alt + 2
Toggle Webcam tab Ctrl + Alt + 3
Show or hide the Chat pane Ctrl + Alt + C
Show or hide the Audience View pane Ctrl + Alt + V
Show or hide the Attendee List pane Ctrl + Alt + L
Open GoToMeeting Audio Assistant Ctrl + Shift + A
Exit meeting Alt + F4

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Attendee Shortcuts

Action GoToMeeting Keyboard Shortcuts
Open Viewer options menu Shift + Alt + V
Open the Webcam options menu Shift + Alt + W
Open the Audio options menu Shift + Alt + A
Switch to full screen F11
Expand or collapse the Control Panel Ctrl + Alt + M

Organizer Shortcuts

Action GoToMeeting Keyboard Shortcuts
Mute or unmute all participants Alt + M
Invite other participants Alt + I
Start or pause the recording Alt + R
Lock or unlock the meeting Alt + L

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Drawing tools shortcuts

Action GoToMeeting Keyboard Shortcuts
Switch to the pen tool Ctrl + Shift + 1
Switch to a highlighter tool Ctrl + Shift + 2
Switch to the spotlight tool Ctrl + Shift + 3
Erase all drawings Ctrl + Shift + E

Settings Shortcuts

Action GoToMeeting Keyboard Shortcuts
Open the Microphone devices drop-down menu Ctrl + Shift + M
Open Speaker devices drop-down menu Ctrl + Shift + S
Open soundcheck Ctrl + Shift + C
Open name & email window Alt + B
Open Preferences window Ctrl + Alt + O

The application that sparked the most interest in recent times for virtual meetings is Zoom software. Zoom software gained a filthy response during the lockdown. It is a perfect alternative to GoToMeeting. Check out Zoom Shortcuts Today!


What is GotoMeeting?

GotoMeeting is a web-based video conferencing software developed by LogMeIn. It allows users to host online meetings, webinars, and video conferences with participants from anywhere in the world.

How does GotoMeeting work?

GotoMeeting works by allowing users to create and schedule meetings online, invite participants via email, and share their screen and webcam during the meeting.

What features does GotoMeeting have?

GotoMeeting has features such as screen sharing, recording, chat, virtual backgrounds, and the ability to join meetings from a variety of devices.

How many people can join a GotoMeeting?

GotoMeeting can support up to 250 participants in a single meeting.

Is GotoMeeting secure?

Yes, GotoMeeting uses encryption to ensure that all communication is secure and private. It also offers features such as meeting locks and waiting rooms to prevent unauthorized access.


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