70 Microsoft Visio Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

download microsoft visio shortcuts pdf

The Microsoft Visio Shortcuts will help you to draw shapes and connectors, and Visio diagrams more easily than what is done with the mouse. A good graphic designer or a drafter will work with the program well and when they add shortcuts to their work it could impress the heck out of you. Have you ever wondered when you will be so quick and impressive?

Download Microsoft Visio Shortcuts PDF

The Visio Shortcuts will allow you to use Visio with two hands rather than just using one. With the help of some Visio Shortcuts and mouse techniques you can push, pull, and pro-Visio in a fashion. All these below lists of Visio Shortcuts will really save you a lot of time and effort. Download the Microsoft Visio Shortcuts list for Windows users in PDF form.

Most used Visio Shortcuts

Action Microsoft Visio Shortcuts
Save Diagram Ctrl + S
Open existing diagram Ctrl + O
Open the page dialogue box Shift + F4
Open the recorder pages in the dialogue box Ctrl + Alt + P
Undo Changes Ctrl + Z
Copy the picture from the screen Prt Sc
Copy the picture from the selected window Alt + Prt Sc

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Tools & Shape Shortcuts

Action Visio Shortcut keys
Pointer Tool Ctrl + 1
Text Tool Ctrl + 2
Connector Tool Ctrl + 3
Pencil Tool Ctrl + 4
TextBox Tool Ctrl + Shift + 4
Freedom Tool Ctrl + 5
Line Tool Ctrl + 6
Arc Tool Ctrl + 7
Rectangle Tool Ctrl + 8
Ellipse Tool Ctrl + 9
Crop Tool Ctrl + Shift + 2
Format painter on or off Ctrl + Shift + P
Rename the shape F2
Find Shape Ctrl + F
Replace Shape Ctrl + H
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Cut Ctrl + X
Delete the selected shape Delete

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Text Formatting Shortcuts

Action Visio Shortcut keys
Open the Home tab Alt + H
An open text dialogue box F11
Open format task pane F3
Open the snap & glue features Alt + F9
Align text left Ctrl + Shift + L
Align text right Ctrl + Shift + R
Align text center horizontally Ctrl + Shift + C
Justify text horizontally Ctrl + Shift + J
Top-Align text Vertically Ctrl + Shift + T
Align text center vertically Ctrl + Shift + M
Bottom align text vertically Ctrl + Shift + V
Move one word to the left Ctrl + Left Arrow key
Move one word to the right Ctrl + Right Arrow key
Select or cancel a character to the left Shift + Left Arrow key
Select or cancel a character to the right Shift + Right Arrow key
Select or cancel a word to the left Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow key
Select or cancel a word to the right Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow key
Update the file F5
Select all text Ctrl + A
Turn on or off Bold Ctrl + B
Turn on or off underline Ctrl + U
Turn on or off Italic Ctrl + I
Turn on or off double underline Ctrl + Shift + D
Turn on or off all caps Ctrl + Shift + A
Turn on or off small caps Ctrl + Shift + K
Turn on or off subscript Ctrl + =
Turn on or off superscript Ctrl + Shift + =
Increase font size Ctrl + Shift + >
Reduce font size Ctrl + Shift + <

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Window & Navigation Shortcuts

Action Visio Shortcut keys
Move to the beginning Home key
Move to the end of the entry End key
Full-screen view F5
Exit Full-screen view Esc
Open the next page in the drawing Page Down key
Open the previous page in the drawing Page Up key
Zoom in Alt + F6
Zoom out Alt + Shift + F6
Fit to window Ctrl + Shift + W
Switch window in-app Alt + Tab
Close the current window Alt + F4
Maximize the selected window Ctrl + F10
Restore the size of the Visio program Ctrl + F5
Display shortcut menu Alt + Spacebar
Open help window F1
Close help window Alt + F4
Go back to Visio 16 Home Alt + Home
Cycle through open drawings Ctrl + Tab

Hopefully, by using these shortcuts your overall experience might have also improved and increased productivity as well. Nowadays people also use Gliffy software to draw diagrams. Draw diagrams using HTML, an application based on the cloud. Check out Gliffy Shortcuts as well.


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