50 Todoist Keyboard Shortcuts

Todoist shortcuts are designed to make task management easier. Both task searching and scheduling will seem effortless once you use these shortcuts. Todoist is the best cross-platform application for task management, allowing you to navigate, add, and edit tasks without leaving your keyboard.

Download Todoist Shortcuts PDF

Not only can you zip around the application in no time, but you can also transform your Todoist workflow with a couple of simple shortcuts listed below. We have invested a comprehensive amount of time in building this suite. Download the Todoist shortcuts for the web application in PDF format.

Task Quick Shortcuts

Action Todoist Shortcuts
Pick a Project #
Add a label @
Add an assignee +
Set Priority Level 1 … 4 P1 … P4
Add a new comment to a newly created task Ctrl + M
Add new Task Q
Add a new task at the bottom of a list A
Open Search F
Undo Last Action U

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Task Editing Shortcuts

Action Todoist Hotkeys
Cancel current changes Esc
Save a newly created task and create a new one below it Enter
Save the existing task and create a new one below it Shift + Enter
Save existing or new tasks and create a new one below it Ctrl + Enter

Sorting Task Shortcuts

Action Todoist Hotkeys
Sort by Date S
Sort by Priority P
Sort by Assignee R

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Windows Global Shortcuts

Action Todoist Keyboard Shortcuts
Open a new Quick Add Ctrl + Alt + A
Show or Hide Todoist Ctrl + Alt + T

Navigation Shortcuts

Action Todoist Shortcuts
Team inbox Ctrl + Shift + 1
Inbox Ctrl + 1
Today Ctrl + 2
Next 7 Days Ctrl + 3
Projects Ctrl + 4
Labels Ctrl + 5
Filters Ctrl + 6
Settings Ctrl + ,

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For Windows 10 Task Add Shortcuts

Action Todoist Shortcuts
Save and Go to Comment Alt + Enter
Open full editor Tab
Multiselect Mode M
Open Search Ctrl + F
Manually Sync F5
Navigate to the Default Page Home
Navigate back to 1-pane or 2-pane View Page Up key
Navigate forward in 1-pane or 2-pane View Page Down key
Increase task Indent Alt + Shift + Right Arrow key
Decrease task Indent Alt + Shift + Left Arrow key

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Android Shortcuts

Action Todoist Shortcuts
Open Search Ctrl + F
Open task quick add Ctrl + N
Submit Comment Ctrl + Enter
Add a task to the Top of the list Ctrl + Shift + N
Add a new Label Ctrl + Shift + L
Add a new Project Ctrl + Shift + P
Add a new Filter Ctrl + Shift + F
Manually Sync Ctrl + S

Todoist remains the default choice unless you prefer collaboration. Todoist is 100% keyboard-friendly. Try it now and let us know if it has helped you in your day-to-day business. Trello for Web and Google Keep are alternatives to Todoist. These two are among the most widely used.



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