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25 SQL Server Profiler Keyboard Shortcuts

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Learn SQL Server Profiler Shortcuts for Windows

Most Used SQL Server Profiler Shortcuts

Action SQL Server Profiler Shortcut keys
New trace Ctrl + N
Open trace file Ctrl + O
Close a trace window Ctrl + F4
Save a trace Ctrl + S
Copy selection Ctrl + C
Open Find dialog box Ctrl + F
Find the next occurrence of the item specified in Find F3
Find the previous occurrence of the item specified in Find Shift + F3
Go to line Ctrl + G
Insert a bookmark in an open trace Ctrl + F2
Go to the next bookmark in an open trace F2
Clear trace window. This action cannot be undone Ctrl + Shift + Delete
Aggregated view Ctrl + V
Grouped view Ctrl + E
Expand a trace grouping +
Collapse a trace grouping
Step through a replayed trace F10
Start a replay F5
Run to cursor Ctrl + F10
Stop a replay Shift + F5
Toggle a breakpoint F9
Replay settings Alt + F7
Switch to another pane Shift + F6
Delete a trace Alt + Delete
Display help F1



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