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download google sheet shortcut keys pdf

Many things in Google Sheets are just a few clicks away, but Google Sheet Shortcuts will let you be more productive. Google Sheets is a web-based tool, and hence you must have an internet connection to work with it. An experienced Excel user will find it less challenging to learn Google Sheets Shortcuts as they are limited compared to Excel.

List of Google Sheets Shortcuts

Nowadays, no one likes to do things in a complex or complicated way. And one of the easiest ways is to learn the keyboard shortcuts. You will be amazed how much faster you can work in Google Sheets by knowing Google Sheets shortcuts from the below list. Download Google Sheet Shortcuts in PDF form.

Download Google Sheets Shortcuts PDF

Most Used Google Sheets Shortcuts

Action Google Spreadsheet Shortcuts
Open Ctrl + O
Save Ctrl + S
Print Ctrl + P
Copy Ctrl + C
Cut Ctrl + X
Paste Ctrl + V
Paste Values only Ctrl + Shift + V
Select Column Ctrl + Spacebar
Select Row Shift + Spacebar
Select All Ctrl + A
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Find Ctrl + F
Find & Replace Ctrl + H
Fill Range Ctrl + Enter
Fill Down Ctrl + D
Fill Right Ctrl + R
Insert new sheet Shift + F11
Compact controls Ctrl + Shift + F
Select input tools Ctrl + Alt + Shif + K
Search the menus Alt + /
Common Keyboard Shortcuts Ctrl + /

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Spreadsheet Navigation Shortcuts

Action Google Spreadsheet Shortcuts
Move to beginning of the row Home key
Move to the beginning of the sheet Ctrl + Home key
Move to the end of the row End key
Move to the end of the sheet Ctrl + End key
Scroll to an active cell Ctrl + Backspace
Move to the next sheet Alt + Down Arrow key
Move to the previous sheet Alt + Up Arrow key
Display a list of sheets Alt + Shift + K
Open hyperlink Alt + Enter
Open Explore Alt + Shift + X
Go to the side panel Ctrl + Alt + .
Move focus out of a spreadsheet Ctrl + Alt + Shift + M
The open drop-down menu on filtered cell Ctrl + Alt + R
Open revision history Ctrl + Alt + Shift + H
Close drawing editor Shift + Esc

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Format Cells Shortcuts

Action Google Sheets Shortcuts
Apply top border Alt + Shift + 1
Apply right border Alt + Shift + 2
Apply bottom border Alt + Shift + 3
Apply left border Alt + Shift + 4
Remove borders Alt + Shift + 6
Apply outer border Alt + Shift + 7
Bold Ctrl + B
Underline Ctrl + U
Italic Ctrl + I
Strikethrough Alt + Shift + 5
Center align Ctrl + Shift + E
Left align Ctrl + Shift + I
Right align Ctrl + Shift + R
Insert link Ctrl + K
Insert time Ctrl + Shift + ;
Insert date Ctrl + ;
Insert date and time Ctrl + Alt + Shift + ;
Format as decimal Ctrl + Shift + 1
Format as time Ctrl + Shift + 2
Format as date Ctrl + Shift + 3
Format as currency Ctrl + Shift + 4
Format as Percentage Ctrl + Shift + 5
Format as exponent Ctrl + Shift + 6
Clear formatting Ctrl + \

Notes & Comments Shortcuts

Action Google Spreadsheet Shortcuts
Insert/edit note Shift + F2
Insert/edit comment Ctrl + Alt + M
Open comment discussion thread Ctrl + Alt + Shift + A

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Add or Change Rows & Columns Shortcuts

Action Google Sheets Shortcuts
Insert rows above Ctrl + Alt + +
Insert columns to the left Ctrl + Alt + +
Insert columns to the right Ctrl + Alt + +
Delete rows Ctrl + Alt + –
Delete columns Ctrl + Alt + –
Hide row Ctrl + Alt + 9
Unhide row Ctrl + Shift + 9
Hide column Ctrl + Alt + 0
Unhide column Ctrl + Shift + 0
Group rows or columns Alt + Shift + Right Arrow key
Ungroup rows or columns Alt + Shift + Left Arrow key
Expand grouped rows or columns Alt + Shift + Down Arrow key
Collapse-grouped rows or columns Alt + Shift + Up Arrow key

Formulas Shortcuts

Action Google Sheets Shortcuts
Show all formulas Ctrl + ~
Insert array formula Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Collapse an expanded array formula Ctrl + E
Show or hide formula help Shift + F1
Full or compact formula help F1
Absolute or relative references F4
Toggle formula result previews F9
Resize formula bar Ctrl + Up Arrow key

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Spreadsheet Menu Shortcuts

Action Google Sheets Shortcuts
File menu Alt + F
Edit menu Alt + E
View menu Alt + V
Insert menu Alt + I
Format menu Alt + O
Data menu Alt + D
Tools menu Alt + T
Open insert menu Ctrl + Alt + =
Open delete menu Ctrl + Alt + –
Form menu Alt + M
Add-ons menu Alt + N
Help menu Alt + H
Sheet menu Alt + Shift + S
Context menu Ctrl + Shift + \

All these Google Sheet Shortcuts will help you to create spreadsheets of all types, including contact lists, budgets, financial statements, and much more. Well, another web-based tool that is used as often as Google sheet is Google Docs. Have a look at a detailed list of Google Docs Shortcuts.


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