119 Forte Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn Forte Shortcuts for Windows

All Window Shortcuts

Action Forte Shortcut keys
Exit agent Alt + F4
Choose bookmark F9
Manage bookmark Ctrl + F9
New email message Ctrl + M
Get new email Ctrl + E
Open newsgroup directory Ctrl + Shift + N
Open address book Ctrl + Shift + B
Open the task manager window Ctrl + Shift + T
Cascade Shift + F5
Tile vertically Shift + F4
Tile horizontally Ctrl + Shift + F4
Help contents F1
Cycle through all windows Ctrl + Tab

Main Browser Window Shortcuts

Action Forte Shortcut Keys
Print Message Ctrl + P
Launch Attachment L
Open Attachment Folder Ctrl + Shift + F
Save All Attachments Ctrl + Shift + A
Save Attachment to Default Directory A
Undo Ctrl + Z
Delete Delete
Find Ctrl + F
Find Next F3
Find Global Ctrl + G
Find Global next G
Apply ROT13 Ctrl + 3
Select all Ctrl + A
Bookmark Selected Shift + F9
Refresh View F5
New Usenet Post P
Reply to Message R
Reply to All Shift + R
Get New Headers in Desks Ctrl + H
View Message Enter
Go Back to the Previous Message Backspace
Go Forward to the Message Shift + Backspace
View Next Unread Message Ctrl + N
View Next Unread Message in Thread Ctrl + T
View Next Unread Body Ctrl + B
Single Key Read Spacebar
Skip to Next Unread Message N
Skip to Next Unread Message in Thread T
Skip to Next Unread Body B
Skip to Next Unread Folder S
Up to Previous Message U
Down to Next Message D
Expand Thread +
Expand All Shift + +
Collapse All Shift + –
Show Full Thread *
Launch URL Ctrl + U
Select and Copy the URL Ctrl + Shift + U
Jump to URL Ctrl + Shift + J
Go to Folders Pane 1
Go to Message List Pane 2
Go to Message Pane 3
Cycle Through Panes (Clockwise) Tab
Cycle Through Panes (Counter Clockwise) Shift + Tab
Properties Alt + Enter
Rename F2
Message Index Ctrl + I
Mark Message M
Watch Message W
Ignore Message I
Keep Message K
Delete Message to Trash Folder Delete
Delete Message permanently Shift + Delete
Delete Message Body Ctrl + Delete
Explain Routing ?
Move to Junk Folder Ctrl + J
Move to Folder, All Folders Ctrl + Shift + X
Copy to Folder, All Folders Ctrl + Shift + C
Mark Message Read / Unread X
Launch in Browser Ctrl + L
Download HTML Images Ctrl + Enter
New Watch Filter Ctrl + W
New Kill Filter Ctrl + K

Composition Window Shortcuts

Action Forte Shortcuts
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + R
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Paste as Quote Ctrl + Q
Paste as Quote Custom Ctrl + Shift + Q
Delete Delete
Find Ctrl + F
Find Next F3
Apply ROT13 Ctrl + 3
Select All Ctrl + A
Show All Fields Ctrl + D
Manage Attachments Ctrl + T
Insert Header from Original Message Ctrl + H
Signature Ctrl + I
Send Now Ctrl + N
Send Later Ctrl + L
Save as Draft Ctrl + S
Message Properties Alt + Enter
Pick address Ctrl + K
Check addresses F8
Spelling F7

Task Manager Shortcuts

Action Forte Shortcuts
Zoom Z
Pause P
Resume R
Stop Delete
Pause all Shift + P
Resume all Shift + R
Stop all Shift + Delete
Move up U
Move down D
Move to top T
Move to bottom B

Usenet or Email Filter Window Shortcuts

Action Forte Shortcuts
Find Ctrl + F
Find next F3
Select view V
New kill filter Ctrl + K
New watch filter Ctrl + W
New copy filter Ctrl + C
Delete filter Ctrl + D
Edit filter Enter


What are some common shortcut keys used in Forte Music?

Shortcut keys can vary depending on the software version and your operating system. However, some commonly used shortcut keys in music production software include: Ctrl/Cmd + S: Save | Ctrl/Cmd + Z: Undo | Ctrl/Cmd + Y: Redo | Ctrl/Cmd + C: Copy | Ctrl/Cmd + V: Paste | Ctrl/Cmd + X: Cut | Ctrl/Cmd + A: Select All | Spacebar: Play/Pause | F5: Refresh/Reload | Ctrl/Cmd + N: New Project/Document | Ctrl/Cmd + O: Open Project/Document


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