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101 TouchDesigner Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn TouchDesigner Shortcuts for Windows

Most used TouchDesigner Shortcuts

Action TouchDesigner Shortcuts
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Delete Selection Delete
Add to Selection Shift + Select
Play/Pause Spacebar
Perform Mode Enter / Exit F1
Open Current DAT in External Editor Alt + E
Run Current DAT Script Alt + R

Files Shortcuts

Action TouchDesigner Shortcut keys
New File Ctrl + N
Open File Ctrl + O
Save Ctrl + S
Save As Ctrl + Shift + S
Import File Ctrl + I
Export Movie Ctrl + M
Quit Ctrl + Q

Dialogs Shortcuts

Action TouchDesigner Shortcuts
Preferences Alt + P
About TouchDesigner Alt + Shift + V
Open a File Explorer Alt + F
Textport and DATs Alt + T
Performance Monitor Alt + Y
Window Placement Alt + W
Palette Alt + L
MIDI Device Mapper Alt + D
Console Alt + C
Key Manager Alt + K
Search Alt + S

Network Editor Shortcuts

Action TouchDesigner Shortcut keys
Parameters Show / Hide P
List View Show / Hide Shift + T
Add Operator Tab
Jump Up Network U
Jump In Network I
Add Group Shift + G
Groups Show / Hide Ctrl + G
Find Operator Ctrl + F
Open Current Op Viewer Shift + V
Load .tox file (COMP) Shift + X
Viewer Active Always On Shift + A
Toggle Selected Viewer Active A
Select All Ctrl + A
Home All / Selected H
Unity Frame All / Selected F
Fixed-size Operators Names N
Link Straight S
Data Links Show / Hide X
Network Overview O
Color Palette for Operators C

Pane Options Shortcuts

Action TouchDesigner Shortcut keys
Split Left / Right Alt + [
Split Top / Bottom Alt + [
Floating Copy Shift + Alt + C
Maximize Alt + `
Close Alt + Z
Network Editor Alt + 1
Panel Alt + 2
Geometry Viewer Alt + 3
TOP Viewer Alt + 4
CHOP Viewer Alt + 5
Animation Editor Alt + 6
Parameters Alt + 7
Textport and DATs Alt + 9

Top Viewers Shortcuts

Action TouchDesigner Shortcut keys
Home H
Display Pixel Values D
Display Field Guide F
Color C
Red R
Green G
Blue B
Alpha A
Mono M

Chop Viewers Shortcuts

Action TouchDesigner Shortcut keys
Home H
Reset Min/Max R
Show Extract Values P
Horizontal Adapt Shift + H
Vertical Adapt Shift + V
Sample / Frames / Seconds U
Grid Low / Medium / High G
Playhead T
Time Scroll C
Label L
Handles N
Dots D
Extend Regions X
Precision Labels P
Raw Edits Tools E
Scope Tools S

Sop and Object comp viewers Shortcuts

Action TouchDesigner Shortcut keys
Display Options P
Home All / Selected H
Frame All / Selected F
Shaded Wireframe W
Ortho / Perspective Shift + P
Top Viewport Shift + T
Front Viewport Shift + N
Right Viewport Shift + R
Show Quad Viewport 5
Select Viewport 1 1
Select Viewport 2 2
Select Viewport 3 3
Select Viewport 4 4
Redo Ctrl + Y



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