10 AbiWord Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows & Linux

With the implementation of AbiWord Shortcuts into your routine you will feel right at home in your comfort zone. The program gives you the freedom to create and share documents as well as open documents created on other programs.

Download AbiWord Shortcuts PDF

Writers always look for better ways to put their words and ideas into a readable format. With the below list of AbiWord Shortcuts, you will be producing the documents you want in no time. Download the AbiWord Shortcuts list in the form of a PDF.

Most used AbiWord Shortcuts

Action AbiWord Shortcut keys Windows AbiWord Shortcut keys Linux
Bold Text Ctrl + B Ctrl + B
Underline Text Ctrl + U Ctrl + U
Italic Text Ctrl + I Ctrl + I
Overline Text Ctrl + T Ctrl + T
Strike Text Ctrl + K Ctrl + K
SuperScript Ctrl + ^ Ctrl + ^
SubScript Ctrl + _ Ctrl + _

The name AbiWord defines itself as an open word processor. Another free and open word processor that is a good alternative to AbiWord and easily available is LibreOffice Writer. For older systems, AbiWord is an excellent option as it uses less memory. If you are familiar with Microsoft Word, then AbiWord will also be very much familiar to you. You can go through the Microsoft Office Word Shortcuts and LibreOffice Writer Shortcuts.


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