130 Autodesk 3ds Max Shortcut Keys

Autodesk 3ds Max Shortcut keys will let you create 3D modeling, animation, and visualization in games and designs. Using 3ds Max shortcut keys will help professionals increase their productivity at work and save time and effort from doing basic tasks. Install Autodesk 3D Max on your devices.

Download 3ds Max Shortcut Keys PDF

To get acquainted with 3ds Max, learning its shortcuts will be highly recommended. The benefits of 3ds Max shortcut keys will become a plus for you when you have a large commercial project that needs to be completed on time and with maximum accuracy. Download Autodesk 3ds Max shortcut keys in PDF form.

Common 3ds Max User Interface Shortcuts

Action 3ds Max Shortcut keys
New scene Ctrl + N
Shade selected faces F2
Wireframe/smooth and highlight F3
View edged faces F4
Restrict movement along a specific axis F5
Restrict plane cycle F8
Render last F9
Render scene dialogue F10
Open MAXscript listener F11
Material editor M
Autokey mode N
Select Q
Move W
Rotate E
Scale R
Hide grids G
Snaps S
Angle snap A
Select by name or select from the scene H
Adaptive degradation O
Particle View 6
Show statistics 7
Enviro­nment and effects dialogue 8
Open advanced lighting panel 9
Percent snap Ctrl + Shift + P
Create a camera from the view Ctrl + C
Selection lock Spacebar
Open last used explorer Alt + Ctrl + Q
Isolate selection Alt + Q
Maximize viewport Alt + W
Place highlight Ctrl + H
Select none Ctrl + D
Select invert Ctrl + I
Select ancestor Page Up
Select child Page Down
Clone Ctrl + V
Expert mode Ctrl + X
Undo Scene Ctrl + Z
Redo Scene Ctrl + Y
Undo Viewport Shift + Z
Redo Viewport Shift + Y
Show safe frames Shift + F
Quick render Shift + Q
Hide or show cameras Shift + C
Hide or show the geometry Shift + G
Hide or show helpers Shift + H
Hide or show lights Shift + L
Hide or show particle system Shift + P
Hide or show shapes Shift + S
Hide or show space warps Shift + W
Display as see-through Alt + X

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3ds Max Shortcuts on Editable poly

Action 3ds Max Shortcut keys
Vertex level 1
Edge level 2
Border level 3
Poly level 4
Element level 5
Target level Ctrl + Shift + W
Bevel mode Ctrl + Shift + B
Chamfer mode Ctrl + Shift + C
Connect Ctrl + Shift + E
Quick slice Ctrl + Shift + Q
Cut Alt + C
Hide Alt + H
Unhide all Alt + U
Hide unselected Alt + I
Extrude mode Shift + E
Edge constraint Shift + X

3ds Max Shortcuts on Views

Action 3ds Max Shortcut keys
Top T
Bottom B
Left L
Front F
Isometric user U
Perspective user P
Camera C

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Viewport Navigation Controls Shortcuts

Action 3ds Max Shortcut keys
Zoom mode Alt + Z
Zoom extents Alt + Ctrl + Z
Zoom extents all Shift + Ctrl + Z
Zoom selected all Z
Zoom in 2X Alt + Shift + Ctrl + Z
Zoom out 2X Alt + Shift + Z
Zoom region mode Ctrl + W
Zoom viewport in [
Zoom viewport out ]
Pan view Ctrl + P
Interactive pan I
Arc rotate Ctrl + R
Min or Max switch Alt + W

3ds Max Shortcuts on Virtual Viewport

Action 3ds Max Shortcut keys
Virtual viewport Toggle /
Virtual viewport Zoom IN +
Virtual viewport Zoom OUT
Virtual Viewport Pan down 2
Virtual viewport Pan left 4
Virtual viewport Pan right 6
Virtual viewport Pan-up 8

Material Editor Shortcuts

Action 3ds Max Shortcuts
Background B
Backlight L
Get material G
Go backward to sibling Left Arrow key
Go forward to sibling Right Arrow key
Go to parent Up Arrow key
Make preview P
Options O

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3ds Max Shortcuts on Walkthrough Mode

Action 3ds Max Shortcuts
Forward W
Back S
Left A
Right D
Up E
Down C
Accelerate Q
Decelerate Z
Increase step size ]
Decrease step size [
Reset step size Alt + [
Level Shift + Spacebar
Lock vertical rotation Spacebar

3ds Max Shortcut keys on Subobjects

Action 3ds max Shortcuts
Subobject mode toggle Ctrl + B
Subobject level cycle Insert key
Subobject level 1 1
Subobject level 2 2
Subobject level 3 3
Subobject level 4 4
Subobject level 5 5
Delete subobject Delete
Local select subobject by name Ctrl + H

After taking a look at the 3ds Max shortcuts, you will see a great improvement in your work, and you can enhance your expertise in 3ds Max and speed up the workflow. It will make the life of 3D artists easy. I have also listed Blender shortcuts.


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