17 Zeplin Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows & MacOS

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Learn Zeplin Shortcuts for Windows & Mac

Most used Zeplin Shortcuts

Action Zeplin Shortcuts Windows Zeplin Shortcuts Mac
Projects Ctrl + Shift + A Command + Shift + A
Dashboard Alt + A Option + A
Styleguide Alt + S Option + S
Jump to the next screen Right Arrow key Right Arrow key
Jump to the previous screen Left Arrow key Left Arrow key
Jump to screen Alt + J Option + J
Zoom in Alt + + Option + +
Zoom out Alt + – Option + –
Actual size Alt + 0 Option + 0
Pan screen Spacebar Spacebar
Manage tags Alt + T Option + T
Search screen Ctrl + F Command + F
Clip screen thumbnails Ctrl + Alt + T Command + Option + T
Show / Hide screen grid Alt + G Option + G
Navigate between list items Up & Down Arrow key Up & Down Arrow key
Expand sections Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow key Command + Option + Down Arrow key
Collapse sections Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow key Command + Option + Up Arrow key



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