27 Flow Project Management Keyboard Shortcuts

for MacOS

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Learn Flow Project Management Shortcuts for Mac

Most used Flow Project Management Shortcuts

Action Flow Shortcuts
Create a new task Enter
Switch to Catchup Command + Option + 1
Switch to Projects Command + Option + 3
Switch to Timelines Command + Option + 5
Switch to Tasks Command + Option + 2
Switch to Workload Command + Option + 4
Show / Hide sidebar Option + Tab
Search /
Show keyboard shortcuts ?

Tasks Shortcuts

Action Flow Shortcuts
Next task Down Arrow key
Previous task Up Arrow key
Open pane Right Arrow key
Edit Shift + E
Go to the comment form Tab
Delete Shift + Backspace
Toggle flag Shift + F
Toggle completed Shift + C
Toggle subscribed Shift + S
Duplicate task Shift + D
Go to the quick task Shift + Enter
Focus filter bar \
Clear completed tasks Control + Shift + K

Comment Form Shortcuts

Action Flow Shortcut keys
Post Command + Enter
Post and complete Command + Shift + Enter
Bold text Command + B
Edit previous Up Arrow key
Italicize text Command + I


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