15 Wrike Keyboard Shortcuts

Wrike is a popular project management program that enables you to share files, collaborate, manage tasks, explore Gantt charts, and more. Enhance your task management experience by using the keyboard shortcuts in the Wrike Workspace.

Download Wrike Shortcuts PDF

The organized list of Wrike shortcuts will help you master them quickly, allowing you to be more productive in the workplace. This list of shortcuts not only improves your efficiency but also minimizes interruptions to your train of thought. You can download the Wrike shortcuts list in PDF format.

Most used Wrike Shortcuts

Action Wrike Shortcuts Windows Wrike Shortcut keys Mac
New Task Alt + Shift + N Option + Shift + N
Search Alt + Shift + S Option + Shift + S
Open task currently selected Alt + Shift + O Option + Shift + O
Open task in Fullscreen Mode Alt + Shift + F Option + Shift + F
Toggle task completed status Alt + Shift + Enter Option + Shift + Return
Close the Task View panel Alt + Shift + Esc Option + Shift + Esc
Assign or unassign the task from you Alt + Shift + . Option + Shift + .
Add an assignee dialog box Alt + Shift + , Option + Shift + ,
Select the task above in the list view Alt + Shift + [ Option + Shift + [
Select the task below in the list view Alt + Shift + ] Option + Shift + ]
opens a list of available keyboard shortcuts Alt + Shift + ? Option + Shift + ?
Move selected task up when sorting by priority in the List View Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Up Arrow key Command + Option + Shift + Up Arrow key
Move selected task down when sorting by priority in the List View Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Down Arrow key Command + Option + Shift + Down Arrow key

Trello is considered one of the best alternatives to Wrike. It offers real-time data to ensure everyone is working with the most up-to-date information. Additionally, its user-friendly interface is compatible with various platforms. However, the choice of which project management tool suits you best is up to you. Have you considered taking a look at Trello shortcuts?



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