25 Apple Notes Shortcuts You Should Know

List of Apple Notes Shortcuts

Learn Apple Notes Shortcuts for Mac

Most used Apple Notes Shortcuts

Action Apple Notes Shortcut keys
Create New Note Command + N
Create New Folder Command + Shift + N
Show Main Notes Window Command + 0
Show or Hide Attachments Browser Command + 1
Search All Notes Command + Option + F
Start Typing in Note Selected in Note List Return
Go back to Note List after Entering in Insertion Point Command + Return
Attach File Command + Shift + A
Apply Title Format Command + Shift + T
Apply Heading Format Command + Shift + H
Apply Body Format Command + Shift + B
Apply Checklist Format Command + Shift + L
Create Link Command + K
Increase List Level Command + ]
Decrease List Level Command + [
Add a Line Break Shift + Return
Insert a Tab Character in List Item Option + Tab
Mark or Unmark Checklist Item Command + Shift + U
Change Size of Note’s Contents to Default Command + Shift + 0
Zoom in on Note’s Content Command + Shift + >
Zoom out on Note’s Content Command + Shift + <
Print Note Command + P

Download Apple Notes Shortcut keys PDF

Download Apple Notes Shortcut keys PDF


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