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10 Google News Keyboard Shortcuts

Get the most out of Google News with its shortcuts. Google News lets you stay up-to-date with global current affairs happening around the world. The Google News shortcut Key tips tailor the news to serve you stories of your interest. Dive deeper into any particular topic of interest as you become a pro in using Google News.

Download Google News Shortcuts PDF

Nowadays, you expect everything at your fingertips. Hence, for this reason, we are making it easier by listing down all the Google News shortcut keys to help you find information quickly and easily. Download the Google News shortcut keys list as a PDF.

Most used Google News Shortcuts

Action Google News Shortcut keys
Next Story N
Previous Story P
Expand or Collapse the story O
Search /
Open Help or Show Shortcuts ?
Star Story S
Open story Options F
Open the headline of the current story Enter

Google News should incorporate a human touch by adding a curator or an editor, rather than solely relying on AI. The best alternative to Google News is Feedly. If this option interests you, also look at the Feedly Shortcuts list.



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