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92 SQLyog Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Connection Shortcuts

Action SQLyog Shortcuts
Create A New Connection Ctrl + M
Create A New Connection With Current Connection Properties Ctrl + N
Disconnect The Current Connection Ctrl + F4
Switch to the Next Connection Ctrl + Tab
Switch to the Previous Connection Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Select Connection (1 to 8) Ctrl + 1 to Ctrl + 8
Select Last Connection Ctrl + 9

Object Browser Shortcuts

Action SQLyog Shortcut keys
Refresh Object Browser (Default) F5
Set Focus On Object Browser Ctrl + B
Set Focus On Object Browser Filter Ctrl + Shift + B
Collapse All in Object Browser Shift + –

SQL Window Shortcuts

Action SQLyog Shortcuts
New Query Editor Ctrl + T
Rename Query Editor Alt + F2
Set Focus On SQL Window Ctrl + E
Redo Ctrl + Y
Undo Ctrl + Z
Cut Ctrl + X
Paste Ctrl + V
Replace Ctrl + H
Go to Ctrl + G
Open File In New Tab Ctrl + O
Open File In Same Tab Ctrl + Shift + O
Make Selection Uppercase Ctrl + Shift + U
Make Selection Lowercase Ctrl + Shift + L
Comment Selection In SQL Window Ctrl + Shift + C
Remove Comment From Selection Ctrl + Shift + R
Insert Templates Ctrl + Shift + T
List All Tags Ctrl + Enter
List Matching Tags Ctrl + Spacebar

Query Execution Shortcuts

Action SQLyog Shortcut keys
Execute Current Query And Edit Result F8
Execute Current Query (Default) F9
Execute Selected Query(s) (Default) Ctrl + F9

SQL Formatter Shortcuts

Action SQLyog Shortcut keys
Format Current Query F12
Format Selected Query Ctrl + F12
Format All Queries Shift + F12

SQL Statements Shortcuts

Action SQLyog Shortcut keys
Insert Statement Alt + Shift + I
Update Statement Alt + Shift + U
Delete Statement Alt + Shift + D
Select Statement Alt + Shift + S

Result Shortcuts

Action SQLyog Shortcuts
Insert Update Dialog F11
Set Focus To The Active Tab In Result Pane Ctrl + R
Switch Result Window/Table Data Between Grid/Text Mode or Form View/text Ctrl + L
Switch Result Window/Table Data Between Grid and Form View Ctrl + Alt + L
Export Table Data As CSV, Excel, SQL, etc. Ctrl + Alt + C
Backup Data As SQL Dump Ctrl + Alt + E
Import Data From CSV Ctrl + Alt + M
Export Resultset Ctrl + Alt + E
Select Tab In Result Window (1 to 8) Alt + 1 to Alt + 8
Select the Last Tab in the Result Window Alt + 9

Show/Hide Shortcuts

Action SQLyog Shortcuts
Show/Hide Object Browser Ctrl + Shift + 1
Show/Hide Result Pane Ctrl + Alt + 2
Show/Hide Query Window Ctrl + Alt + 3

Database/Table Shortcuts

Action SQLyog Shortcuts
Create Database Ctrl + D
Alter Database/Table Structure/Index/View/Store Proc/Function/Trigger/Event F6
Rename Table/View/Trigger/Event F2
Truncate Database/Table Shift + Delete
Manage Index Window F7
Relationships/Foreign Keys F10
Reorder Column(s) Ctrl + Alt + R
Save Table Alt + S
Revert Changes Made To Table Schema Alt + R
Table Diagnostics Ctrl + Shift + T
Flush Dialog Ctrl + Shift + F
Create Schema For Database In HTML Ctrl + Shift + Alt + S
Restore From SQL Dump Ctrl + Shift + Q

Other Shortcuts

Action SQLyog Shortcuts
Database Synchronization Tool Ctrl + Alt + W
Schema Synchronization Tool Ctrl + Q
Migration Toolkit Ctrl + Alt + O
SQL Scheduler and Reporting Tool Ctrl + Alt + N
Scheduled Backup Wizard Ctrl + Alt + S
Query Builder Ctrl + K
Schema Designer Ctrl + Alt + D
Data Search Ctrl + Shift + D
Info Tab Ctrl + Shift + I
History Tab Ctrl + Shift + H
Add A New User Ctrl + U
Edit User Ctrl + Alt + U
Manage Privileges Ctrl + Alt + W
Add Current SQL To Favorites Ctrl + Shift + F
Change Language Alt + Shift + L
Help F1
Copy Ctrl + C
Select All Ctrl + A
Find (SQL Window/Result Window And Table Data In Text Mode/Blob Viewer) Ctrl + F
Find Next (SQL Window/Result Window And Table Data In Text Mode) F3
Save Ctrl + S
Switch To the Previous Tab Ctrl + Page Up key
Switch To the Next Tab Ctrl + Page Down key
Delete Selected Delete
Refresh Table Data Tab Alt + F5
Close Tab Alt + L
Exit Alt + F4



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