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30 Sonos Controller Keyboard Shortcuts

Take charge of your listening experience with the most reliable sound management software, or at the very least, Sonos Controller. You can explore the Sonos Controller Shortcuts, which could help navigate Sonos without encountering many issues. However, the recently launched Sonos Voice Controller has been disappointing.

Download Sonos Controller Shortcuts PDF

As a result, the Sonos Controller Shortcuts remain a strong option. Below is the list of all available Sonos Controller Shortcuts. You can download the Sonos Controller Shortcut keys in PDF format here.

Most Used Sonos Controller Shortcuts

Action Sonos Controller Shortcut keys
Play or Pause Ctrl + P
Toggle Shuffle Ctrl + E
Toggle Repeat Ctrl + R
Toggle Crossfade Ctrl + T
Mute or unmute the current Room or Group Ctrl + M
Mute or unmute all Ctrl + Shift + M
Return to Top Level Music Menu Ctrl + U
Go to Favorites Ctrl + *
Scroll to the current song in the queue Ctrl + L
Next song Right Arrow key
Previous song Left Arrow key
Go back 30 seconds Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow key
Forward 30 seconds Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow key
Increase volume Ctrl + +
Decrease volume Ctrl + –
Select the next Room or Group Ctrl + .
Select the previous Room or Group Ctrl + ,
Play the selected song next Shift + Enter
Replace Queue with Selection Ctrl + Shift + Q
Play Selection later Ctrl + Q
Resize Queue Ctrl + G
Toggle Mini Controller Ctrl + D
Update Music Library Now Ctrl + Shift + I
Display Keyboard Shortcut List Ctrl + K
Jump to Search Box Ctrl + F
Close active window Ctrl + W

For me, using Sonos while focusing on listening to music would be a major no. Spotify is my favorite and go-to choice for listening to music anytime. Additionally, the Spotify Shortcuts list is available.



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