10 Alternatives for 123movies in 2024

123movies is a popular website for watching movies and TV shows for free. You don’t have to pay anything, and there’s no need to sign up.

The site has a lot of movies and shows of high quality, and they’re organized in an easy-to-use way. It’s a go-to option for people who love watching movies and shows.

What’s going on with 123movies?

Currently, the official 123movies website is working well. Yet, it wouldn’t be unexpected if it goes offline, and an alternative mirror link appears.

This potential change is because 123movies, similar to other streaming sites, hosts copyrighted content without permission from the owner.

10 Alternatives for 123movies in 2024 (100% Working)

1. Tubi TV


As I said earlier, many streaming sites, including 123movies, are illegal in some places. So, a lot of people are looking for legal alternatives, and Tubi TV is one of them.

When you go to Tubi TV’s website, you’ll see that even though it’s free, it feels like a high-quality service. They have a bunch of awesome Hollywood movies for you to watch and enjoy.

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2. 1moviesHD


If you want something different from 123movies, give 1moviesHD a try – it’s a really good option. You can find awesome movies of high quality, and it’s all free.

Whether you like old classics or the newest movies, 1moviesHD has a bunch of them for you, and you don’t have to pay anything. The streaming is great, and if you’re not sure what to watch, just check out the ‘Top Watched’ section for some suggestions.

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3. Vumoo


Not many streaming sites connect with their users, but Vumoo is one of the good ones. Vumoo is cool because it listens to what people want and keeps making their collection better. It’s a free streaming site that can go head-to-head with 123movies.

They’ve got a whopping 15,000 movies, and they’re adding more every day.

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4. M4ufree


Most of the time, we want streaming sites that are free and let us download movies for later. M4ufree is a popular movie site that allows downloads.

Just like the name says, it’s completely free and has a nice collection of movies that any movie lover would enjoy.

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5. Bflix


Bflix might not have a ton of stuff, but it’s cool for two reasons. First, you can watch movies and TV shows for free in HD. Second, you can keep track of what you’ve watched there.

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6. Einthusan


With the internet linking everyone globally, more people are into content from the global South. Einthusan is all about South Asian stuff, and they’ve got it in different languages like Tamil, Telugu, Chinese, and more.

Because they have a bunch of their shows and movies, Einthusan has fans. It’s not just like in South Asia but all around the world.

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7. MyFlixer


So, what makes Myflixer different from the other streaming sites we talked about? Simple – no annoying ads when you’re watching stuff on MyFlixer. That’s the main reason why a lot of people like it more than other sites.

And hey, it’s got a library just as good as the rest, which makes it even more popular.

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8. LosMovies


If you want another option besides 123movies, check out Losmovies, especially if you’re into new movies and TV shows. Finding stuff is easy – just use the menus on the site.

And the best part? No annoying buffering problems because they’ve got multiple servers making sure everything runs smoothly while you’re streaming on Losmovies.

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9. Project Free TV


The name says it all. Project Free TV started to help folks watch TV shows for free. Now, you can also use it to watch movies. The cool thing about Project Free TV is its recommendation system – it always suggests stuff that pleasantly surprises you.

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10. Crackle


Here’s something cool: Sony has a free and legal option called Crackle, just like Tubi TV. But, Crackle has a bit less variety—it mostly has movies from big studios like MGM and Sony.

One catch is that Crackle isn’t available everywhere, so you might need to use a VPN to get to it.

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Is 123movies Legal?

To put it simply, whether 123movies is legal or not depends on the copyright laws in a specific place. But in most countries, it’s considered illegal.

Is 123movies Safe?

Here’s a simple rule for streaming online: always use a VPN.

How to Safely Stream 123movies?

If you want to watch stuff on 123movies, lots of people like using ExpressVPN and Surfshark.

What are some of the best alternatives to 123movies?

More and more options are popping up every day if you’re looking for something other than 123movies. Some good choices include Einthusan, Flixtor, Tubi TV, and Spacemov.



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