90 TVPaint Animation Keyboard Shortcuts

TVPaint Animation, a pixel-based drawing program, prioritizes animation and special effects. With TVPaint Animation shortcuts, 2D digital and traditional animation can be more enjoyable than ever before! Animators need to work swiftly and efficiently, and you’ll realize the time and energy saved by mastering TVPaint Animation shortcuts in the long run.

Download TVPaint Animation Shortcuts PDF

The list of TVPaint Animation shortcuts below is designed for animation studios, cinema studios, video game designers, production companies, freelancers, specific schools, dubbing companies, TV channels, and special effects studios. You can download this TVPaint Animation shortcuts list in PDF format. Your future self will certainly thank you!

Most Used TVPaint Animation Shortcuts

Action TVPaint Animation Shortcuts
Hide Other Projects Ctrl + O
Show All Projects Ctrl + P
Show Timeline Tab Ctrl + 1
Show XSheet Tab Ctrl + 2
Show Project Tab Ctrl + 3
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Cut Ctrl + X
Rotate Workspace Ctrl + Shift + Page Up key
Shake A
Toggle CutBrush B
Rotate C
Freehand D
Next E
Flood Fill F
Toggle G
Halve Size H
Append Images I
Exchange J
Line L
New Zoom Window M
Invert A/B N
Outline O
Toggle Palette Panel P
Spline Q
Rectangle R
Freehand Dot S
Text T
Last Action or Undo U
Full Screen V
FlipBook W
Flip Horizontally X
Flip Vertically Y
Resize Z
Interface: Toggle Tools Panel Shift + A
Toggle Background Panel Shift + B
Set Shift + C
Open Preferences Panel Shift + D
Layer: Goto Image Shift + F
Open Grid Panel Shift + G
Double Size Shift + H
Insert Images Shift + I
Copy To Shift + J
Clear Shift + K
Load Shift + L
New Shift + N
Toggle Handler Corner Shift + O
Set Shift + P
Quit Shift + Q
Save Shift + S
Show Full Page Shift + V
Close Shift + W
Double Width Shift + X
Multi Redo Shift + Y
Rotate 90 Shift + Z
Select All Ctrl + A
Magic Number Ctrl + D
Previous Ctrl + E
Slide To Ctrl + F
Configure Keyboard Ctrl + K
Light Table Mode Ctrl + L
Hide Other Ctrl + O
Show All Project Ctrl + P
Select Image from Keys Ctrl + S
Flip vertically Ctrl + Y
Open Timeline Panel Ctrl + 1
Open XSheet Panel Ctrl + 2
Open Project Panel Ctrl + 3
Brush Decrease Size 2 /
Brush Increase Size 2 *
Brush Decrease Size
Brush Increase Size +
Pick Layer ,
Color Pick ;
Brush Reset :
Zoom Out <
Zoom In >
Help F1
Toggle Layer Panel 0
Scroll Down left 1
Scroll Down 2
Scroll Down Right 3
Scroll Left 4
Center 5
Scroll Right 6
Scroll Up Left 7
Scroll Up 8
Scroll Up Right 9

Some people consider Adobe Animate to be a great alternative to TVPaint Animation, while others do not share the same sentiment. Instead, they prefer Krita as a viable option. However, for your convenience, we have provided lists of shortcuts for both Adobe Animate Shortcuts and Krita Shortcuts.



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