25 BitComet keyboard Shortcuts

BitComet is a user-friendly BitTorrent, HTTP, and FTP client compatible with peer exchange control, private torrents, magnet link support, download scheduling, RSS support, and distributed hash tables. BitTorrent is one of the best ways to download files from the internet because of the high speeds offered by many service providers, making downloading files via torrent faster.

Download BitComet Shortcuts PDF

The BitComet shortcuts below might make it easier for you to explore and organize your downloads. Download this list of BitComet shortcuts in PDF format to cover a wide range of functionalities, making it easier to manage tasks and navigate effectively.

Most Used BitComet Shortcuts

Action BitComet Shortcuts
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Cut Ctrl + X
Select All Ctrl + A
Properties Ctrl + P
Make Torrent File Ctrl + M
Open Torrent File Ctrl + O
Open Torrent from URL Ctrl + U
Add HTTP or FTP Download Ctrl + N
The boss key, hide or reload BitComet Alt + `

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Task list Shortcuts

Action BitComet Shortcut keys
Move selection one task upwards in the list Up Arrow key
Move selection one task downwards in the list Down Arrow key
Move selection one page up in the list Page Up key
Move selection one page down in the list Page Down key
Move selection to the top of the list Home
Move the selection to the bottom of the list End
Move task upwards Ctrl + Up Arrow key
Move task downwards Ctrl + Down Arrow key
Move task topside Ctrl + Home
Move task down-most Ctrl + End
Remove torrent Delete
Remove torrents, including downloaded files Shift + Delete
Properties of task Alt + Enter

BitComet is still one of the most established BitTorrent clients, though it has started to show its age. Popular BitComet alternatives today are Transmission and qBittorrent, which offer more features. Regarding third-party remote control alternatives, Transmission perhaps offers the widest selection to meet your needs. Check out the list of Transmission shortcuts.



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