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Editor Shortcuts

Action Code Blocks Shortcuts
Undo the last action Ctrl + Z
Redo last action Ctrl + Shift + Z
Cut selected text Ctrl + X
Copy selected text Ctrl + C
Paste text from the clipboard Ctrl + V
Select all text Ctrl + A
Swap header/source F11
Comment highlighted code Ctrl + Shift + C
Uncomment highlighted code Ctrl + Shift + X
Duplicate line caret is on Ctrl + D
Auto-complete / Abbreviations Ctrl + Spacebar
Show call tip Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar
Swap line caret is on with line above it Ctrl + T
Toggle bookmark Ctrl + B
Go to the previous bookmark Alt + Page Up key
Go to the next bookmark Alt + Page Down key
Toggle current block folding F12
Toggle all folds Shift + F12
Magnify text size Ctrl + +
Reduce text size Ctrl + –
Restore text size to normal Ctrl + /
Cycle through recent files Ctrl + Tab
Indent block Tab
Dedent block Shift + Tab
Delete to start of word Ctrl + Backspace
Delete to end of word Ctrl + Delete
Delete to start of line Ctrl + Shift + Backspace
Delete to end of line Ctrl + Shift + Delete
Go to start of the document Ctrl + Home
Extend selection to start of document Ctrl + Shift + Home
Go to the start of the display line Alt + Home
Extend selection to start of display line Shift + Alt + Home
Go to the end of the document Ctrl + End
Extend selection to end of document Ctrl + Shift + End
Go to the end of the display line Alt + End
Extend selection to end of display line Shift + Alt + End
Expand or contract a fold point Ctrl + *
Create or delete a bookmark Ctrl + F2
Go to the next bookmark F2
Select to next bookmark Alt + F2
Find selection Ctrl + F3
Find selection backwards Ctrl + Shift + F3
Scroll up Ctrl + Up Arrow key
Scroll down Ctrl + Down Arrow key
Line-cut Ctrl + L
Line copy Ctrl + Shift + T
Line delete Ctrl + Shift + L
Line transpose with previous Ctrl + T
Line duplicate Ctrl + D
Find matching preprocessor conditional, skipping nested ones Ctrl + K
Select to matching preprocessor conditional Ctrl + Shift + K
Find matching preprocessor conditional backwards, skipping nested ones Ctrl + J
Select to matching preprocessor conditional backwards Ctrl + Shift + J
Previous paragraph. Shift extends selection Ctrl + [
Next paragraph. Shift extends selection Ctrl + ]
Previous word. Shift extends selection Ctrl + Left Arrow key
Next word. Shift extends selection Ctrl + Right Arrow key
Previous word part. Shift extends selection Ctrl + /
Next word part. Shift extends selection Ctrl + \

Files Shortcuts

Action Code Blocks Shortcuts
New file or project Ctrl + N
New empty file Ctrl + Shift + N
Open existing file or project Ctrl + O
Save current file Ctrl + S
Save all files Ctrl + Shift + S
Close current file Ctrl + F4
Close all files Ctrl + Shift + F4
Activate the next open file Ctrl + Tab
Activate the previous open file Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Print Ctrl + P
Exit Ctrl + Q

View Shortcuts

Action Code Blocks Shortcuts
Show/hide Messages pane F2
Show/hide Management pane Shift + F2
Move the project up (in the Project tree) Ctrl + Shift + Up Arrow key
Move the project down (in the Project tree) Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow key
Activate prior (in Project tree) Alt + F5
Activate next (in Project tree) Alt + F6
Zoom in / out Ctrl + Mouse Scroll Up & Down
Focus editor Ctrl + Alt + E

Search Shortcuts

Action Code Blocks Shortcut keys
Find Ctrl + F
Find next F3
Find Previous Shift + F3
Find in files Ctrl + Shift + F
Replace Ctrl + R
Replace in files Ctrl + Shift + R
Go to line Ctrl + G
Go to the next changed line Ctrl + F3
Go to the previously changed line Ctrl + Shift + F3
Go to file Alt + G
Go to function Ctrl + Alt + G
Go to the previous function Ctrl + Page Up key
Go to the next function Ctrl + Page Down key
Go to declaration Ctrl + Shift + .
Go to Implementation Ctrl + .
Open include file Alt + Ctrl + .

Build Shortcuts

Action Code Blocks Shortcuts
Build Ctrl + F9
Compile current file Ctrl + Shift + F9
Run Ctrl + F10
Build and Run F9
Rebuild Ctrl + F11

Debug Shortcuts

Action Code Blocks Shortcuts
Debug F8
Continue debugging Ctrl + F7
Step over a code block F7
Step into a code block Shift + F7
Step out of a code block Ctrl + Shift + F7
Toggle breakpoint F5
Run to cursor F4
Previous error Alt + F1
Next error Alt + F2

Other Code Blocks Shortcuts

Action Code Blocks Shortcuts
Management pane Shift + F2
Log pane F2
Switch between tabs Ctrl + Tab
Show tooltip Shift + Alt + Spacebar
Next call tip Ctrl + N
Previous call tip Ctrl + P



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