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23 Tmux Keyboard Shortcuts

Tmux shortcuts offer invaluable assistance when you have multiple terminals, each running a separate program, to be created, accessed, and controlled from a single screen. They are ideal for speeding up terminal tasks, allowing you to efficiently manage processes on the server without interruption.

Download Tmux Shortcuts PDF

Many users agree that avoiding the mouse and keeping your hands on the keyboard for extended periods enhances speed and efficiency. Despite spending months building muscle memory for Tmux shortcuts, I have consistently fallen short. Therefore, I have compiled the Tmux shortcut keys in PDF format for easy printing and reference.

Manage Session Shortcuts

Action tmux Shortcuts
New session :new
List sessions S
Name session $
Detach D
Prompt :

Manage Windows and Sessions Tabs Shortcuts

Action Tmux Shortcut keys
Create window Ctrl + B then C
List Windows Ctrl + B then W
Next window Ctrl + B then N
Previous window Ctrl + B then P
Find window Ctrl + B then F
Name window Ctrl + B then ,
Kill window Ctrl + B then &

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Panes or Splits Shortcuts

Action Tmux Shortcut keys
Vertical split Ctrl + B then %
Horizontal split Ctrl + B then “
Swap panes Ctrl + B then O
Show panes numbers Ctrl + B then Q
Kill pane Ctrl + B then X
Move to pane Ctrl + B then Arrow keys

Running or Staring Tmux Shortcuts

Action Tmux Shortcut keys
Start with a session name tmux new -s myname
Attach to an existing session number tmux a # (or at, or attach)
Attach to a named session tmux a -t myname
List sessions tmux ls
Kill session tmux kill-session -t myname

Tmux is a staple program for both everyday users and system administrators. However, if you still wish to explore Tmux alternatives, you should consider looking into Emacs shortcuts.


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