23 Tmux Shortcuts You Should Know

List of Tmux Shortcuts

Learn tmux Shortcuts for Linux

Manage Session Shortcuts

Action tmux Shortcut keys
New session :new
List sessions S
Name session $
Detach D
Prompt :

Manage Windows and Sessions Tabs Shortcuts

Action Tmux Shortcut keys
Create window Ctrl + B then C
List Windows Ctrl + B then W
Next window Ctrl + B then N
Previous window Ctrl + B then P
Find window Ctrl + B then F
Name window Ctrl + B then ,
Kill window Ctrl + B then &

Panes or Splits Shortcuts

Action Tmux Shortcut keys
Vertical split Ctrl + B then %
Horizontal split Ctrl + B then “
Swap panes Ctrl + B then O
Show pane numbers Ctrl + B then Q
Kill pane Ctrl + B then X
Move to pane Ctrl + B then Arrow keys

Running or Staring tmux Shortcuts

Action Tmux Shortcut keys
Start with a session name tmux new -s myname
Attach to an existing session number tmux a # (or at, or attach)
Attach to a named session tmux a -t myname
List sessions tmux ls
Kill session tmux kill-session -t myname

Download Tmux Shortcut keys PDF

Download Tmux Shortcuts PDF


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