10 LightShot Keyboard Shortcuts

Lightshot is a perfect tool for bloggers who frequently write articles or guides involving numerous screenshot actions. Lightshot shortcuts aid not only in capturing screenshots but also in utilizing features such as highlighting and sharing the final results with friends and colleagues via social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Download LightShot Shortcuts PDF

These shortcuts simplify the capture and management of screenshots, living up to the application’s name, which suggests it’s lightweight and perfect for taking screenshots. With the list of Lightshot shortcuts below, discover how easily and quickly you can perform various operations or functions. You can download the list of Lightshot shortcut keys in PDF format.

Most Used LightShot Shortcuts

Action LightShot Shortcut keys Windows LightShot Shortcut keys Mac
LightShot Screenshot Shortcut prt sc prt sc
Copy to clipboard Ctrl + C Command + C
Save as a file Ctrl + S Command + S
Edit selected area online Ctrl + E Command + E
Upload a screenshot Ctrl + D Command + D
Maximize Ctrl + A Command + A
Close without shooting Esc Esc

If you’re considering switching or moving away from Lightshot, ShareX is a good alternative. However, the choice should be based on what suits you best. Take a look at the ShareX shortcuts list.



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