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60 Apple XCode Keyboard Shortcuts

When you’re in your zone, you want to access everything quickly and easily, reducing the risk of errors. This is where Xcode shortcuts come into play. Xcode is used by developers to design, build, and debug applications. Therefore, learning Xcode shortcuts is beneficial for various reasons: efficiency, accuracy, accessibility, and consistency.

Download Apple XCode Shortcuts PDF

Practicing and learning the list of Xcode shortcuts below in your daily routine will make you a more productive and faster iOS app developer. Download the Xcode shortcuts PDF, which looks amazing and will help you become an efficient programmer. I don’t prefer using a mouse while I’m in the middle of coding.

Most used Apple Xcode Shortcuts

Action Apple Xcode Shortcuts
Preferences Command + ,
Console Command + Shift + C
Documentation Command + Shift + 0
Documentation of Selected Text Command + Ctrl + ?
Quick Help Command + ?
File Template Libraries Command + Ctrl + Option + 1
Code Snippet Libraries Command + Ctrl + Option + 2
Object Libraries Command + Ctrl + Option + 3
Media Libraries Command + Ctrl + Option + 4

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Build & Run Shortcuts

Action Apple XCode Shortcuts
Build Command + B
Analyse Command + Shift + B
Run Command + R
Profile Command + I
Test Command + U
Clear Console Command + K
Clean Command + Shift + K

Code Editing Shortcuts

Action Apple XCode Shortcuts
Comment Selection Command + /
Fold Method or Class Command + Option + Left Arrow key
Unfold Method or Class Command + Option + Right Arrow key
Edit All in Scope Command + Ctrl + E
Show Completions Ctrl + Spacebar
Next Completion Ctrl + .
Accept Completion Tab
Next Placeholder Ctrl + /
Previous Placeholder Ctrl + Shift + /

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File Navigation Shortcuts

Action Apple XCode Shortcuts
Go Forward Command + Ctrl + Right Arrow key
Go Backward Command + Ctrl + Left Arrow key
Open Quickly Command + Shift + O
Show Related Items Ctrl + 1

Code Navigation Shortcuts

Action Apple XCode Shortcuts
Beginning of Line Command + Left Arrow key
End of Line Command + Right Arrow key
Top of File Command + Up Arrow key
End of File Command + Down Arrow key
Previous Word Option + Left Arrow key
Next Word Option + Right Arrow key
Previous SubWord Ctrl + Left Arrow key
Next SubWord Ctrl + Right Arrow key
Go to Liner Command + L
Find in File Command + F
Find in Project Command + Shift + F
Find Next Command + G
Find Previous Command + Shift + G

Debugging Shortcuts

Action Apple XCode Shortcut keys
Next Issue Command + ‘
Previous Issue Command + “
Fix Next Issue Command + Ctrl + ‘
Fix Previous Issue Command + Ctrl + “
Add BreakPoint Command + \
Activate Breakpoint Command + Y

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Other Shortcuts

Action Apple XCode Shortcut keys
Switch Inspector Command + Option + 1 … 7
Toggle Utilities Command + Option + 0
Filter in Library Command + Option + L
Show Assistant Editor Command + Option + Return
Show Version Editor Command + Option + Shift + Return
Show Standard Editor Command + Return
Toggle Debug Area Command + Shift + Y
Switch Navigators Command + 1 … 7
Toggle Navigators Command + 0
Filter in Navigator Command + Option + J

With Xcode, you can create code for projects in various languages such as C, C++, Java, Python, and more. Microsoft Visual Studio is the top alternative to Xcode that developers can rely on without sacrificing any of the features of Xcode. Consider taking a quick look at the Visual Studio shortcuts list.



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