85 Call of Duty Shortcuts for Windows

List of Call of Duty Shortcuts

Learn Call of Duty Shortcuts for Windows

Most used Call of Duty Shortcuts

Action Call of Duty Shortcut keys
Forward W
Left A
Right D
Backwards S
Lean right E
Lean Left Q
Use F
Reload R
Run Shift
Prone Ctrl
While Sprinting dive to prone Ctrl
Change Stance C
Special Actions 5
Throw Tactical Granade 4
Throw Lethal Grenade G
Jump or Stand Spacebar
Screenshot F12
Display Score or Objectives Tab
Voice Chat Z
Team Chat Y
Text Chat T
Spectator View Mode F3
Equipment X
Objectives or Pause menu Esc

Weapon Cheats

Action Call of Duty Cheats
Bren LMG bren
Browning Automatic Rifle bar
Colt 45 colt
FG42 fg42
Kar98k kar98k
Lee Enfield enfield
Luger luger
MP40 mp40
MP44 mp44
PPsh ppsh
RGD-33 Frag Grenade rgd-33russianfrag
Scoped Kar98k kar98k_sniper
Scoped Mosin-Nagant mosin_nagant_sniper
Springfield springfield
Sten sten
Thompson thompson
M1A1 Carbine m1carbine
M2 Frag Grenade fraggrenade
MK1 Frag Grenade mk1britishfrag

Single Player Cheats

Action Call of Duty Cheats
Gives the player an object give
Full health give health
Invulnerability god
Semi-Automatic Weapons /weapon 32
The enemies won’t shoot you notarget
Walkthrough walls and such noclip
Play Airfield Map map airfield
Play Berlin Map map berlin
Play Brecourt Map map brecourt
Play Burnville Map map burnville
Play Car Ride Map map carride
Play Chateau Map map chateau
Play Dam Map map dam
Play Dawnville Map map dawnville
Play Factory Map map factory
Play Hurtgen Map map hurtgen
Play Pathfinder Map map pathfinder
Play Pavlov Map map pavlov
Play Pegasus Day Map map pegasusday
Play Pegasus Night Map map pegasusnight
Play POW Camp Map map powcamp
Play Rail Yard Map map railyard
Play Red Square Map map redsquare
Play Rocket Map map rocket
Play Sewer Map map sewer
Play Ship Map map ship
Play Stalingrad Map map stalingrad
Play Tank Drive Country Map map tankdrivecountry
Play Tank Drive Town Map map tankdrivetown
Play Train Station Map map trainstation
Play Training Map map training
Play Truck Ride Map map truckride

Strike Force Controls Shortcuts

Action Call of Duty Shortcuts
Move Tactical view north on the map W
Move Tactical view south on the map S
Move Tactical view west on the map A
Move Tactical view east on the map D
Select Unit Type 1 1
Select Unit Type 2 2
Select Unit Type 3 3
Click to direct unit type to position 4
Select unit type 4 5

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