25 Overwatch 2016 Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

In this guide, we will be covering every Overwatch 2016 shortcuts for you to make the most of your time. Overwatch 2016 was the biggest hit. All the players knew about the potential of this game and the fact that this game is fun and competitive at the same time.

Download Overwatch 2016 Shortcuts PDF

Overwatch 2016 is still my game. I had not played it for years but when I played the most recent one, Overwatch 2, it was like I never left. What’s most appreciated in Overwatch 2016 is that it hasn’t changed so much. I did not find any need to relearn the Overwatch 2016 shortcuts. Given below is the list of Overwatch 2016 Shortcuts. Download this list of Overwatch 2016 shortcuts in PDF form.

Most used Overwatch 2016 Shortcuts

Action Overwatch Shortcuts
Communication Menu C
Communicate X
Voice Line F
Emote G
Spray Paint R
Mic Z
Ultimate Status Ctrl + C
Strafe left A
Strafe backward S
Strafe Left R
Crouch W
Jump Spacebar
Move Forward Mouse Wheel
Fire LMB
Reload Caps Lock
Ability 1 Shift
Ability 2 Ctrl
Alternate Fire Mouse Wheel
Melee Alt
Ultimate Q
Quick Melee V
Equip Weapon 1 1
Equip Weapon 2 2
Spectate 2..12 F2..F12

However, Overwatch 2016 in all does not feel like Overwatch 2. And it is not at all a worthy wait or disappointment for those who have put in countless hours into Overwatch. There are chances for you to fall in love with one of the Overwatch alternatives. For me, the love is Counter Strike. Glance at the Counter Strike Shortcuts list.


How do I perform emotes or use voice lines in Overwatch using shortcuts?

To perform emotes or use voice lines in Overwatch, you can use the following shortcuts: B: Emote wheel, C: Communication wheel, Mouse Wheel Up: Spray

Can I use shortcuts to communicate with my team in Overwatch?

Yes, Overwatch provides shortcuts for communication with your team. Some common communication shortcuts include: Z: Need healing, X: Group up, C: Acknowledge, V: Thanks

How do I use abilities and perform actions in Overwatch using shortcuts?

Each hero in Overwatch has unique abilities and actions associated with specific keys or buttons. Here are some common shortcuts for abilities: Q: Ultimate ability, E: Ability 1, Left Shift: Ability 2, Right Mouse Button: Alternate fire, Left Mouse Button: Primary fire


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