70 Presonus Studio One Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

download studio one shortcuts pdf

Even though Studio One has a very easy-to-use interface, you must be good at Studio One Shortcuts to quickly get things done and improve the music production workflow. This will make you feel like a pro or you can become a speedy Gonzales as well.

Download Studio One Shortcuts PDF

Below is the list of Studio One Shortcuts that have used the whole estate of your computer keyboard to speed up your workflow. Download the Studio One Shortcuts list in PDF form.

File Menu Shortcuts

Action Presonus Studio One Shortcuts
New song Ctrl + N
New project Ctrl + Shift + N
Close Ctrl + F4
Save new version Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S
Save as Ctrl + Alt + S
Quit Ctrl + Q

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Edit Menu Shortcuts

Action Presonus Studio One Shortcut keys
Duplicate D
Select all Ctrl + A
Select all in the loop Alt + L
Select all on tracks Ctrl + Shift + A
Invert selection Ctrl + I
Deselect all Ctrl + D
Deselect all on tracks Ctrl + Shift + D
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Shift + Z
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Paste at the original position Ctrl + Shift + V
Cut Ctrl + X
Delete time Ctrl + Alt + D
Nudge back Alt + Left Arrow key
Nudge Alt + Right Arrow key
Nudge bar Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow key
Nudge bar back Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow key
Insert silence Ctrl + Alt + I
Create ranges Alt + R
Create ranges on tracks Shift + R
Split at cursor Alt + X
Split loop Ctrl + Shift + X
Split range Ctrl + Alt + X
Move to cursor Ctrl + L

Track Menu Shortcuts

Action Studio One Shortcuts
Add tracks T
Remove track Shift + T
Group selected tracks Ctrl + G
Dissolve group Ctrl + Shift + G
Mute M
Solo S
Arm R
Monitor U
Show FX or Instrument Editor F11

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Event Menu Shortcuts

Action Studio One Shortcut keys
Increase volume Alt + +
Increase volume fine Alt + Shift + +
Decrease volume Alt + –
Decrease volume fine Alt + Shift + –
Insert part Ctrl + P
Consolidate selection B
Merge instrument parts G
Bounce instrument parts Ctrl + B
Toggle mute Shift + M
Musical Functions – Quantize Q
Musical Functions – Quantize 50% Alt + Q
Musical Functions – Restore timing Shift + Q

View Menu Shortcuts

Action Studio One Shortcut keys
Show instruments F6
Show effects F7
Show sounds F8
Show files F9
Show pool F10

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Transport Menu Shortcuts

Action Studio One Shortcut keys
Return to Zero ,
Go to loop start 1
Go to loop end 2
Go to the previous marker Shift + B
Go to the next marker Shift + N
Start Enter
Locate mouse cursor Ctrl + Space
Locate selection L
Loop active /
Loop selection Shift + P
Loop selection snapped P
Preroll O
Autopunch I
Record *

Song Menu Shortcuts

Action Studio One Shortcuts
Import file Ctrl + Shift + O
Mixdown to audio file Ctrl + E
Export file Ctrl + Shift + E

Try out all these shortcuts the next time when you work in Presonus Studio One. You will be surprised by how it has helped your production. The most valuable thing or the key to effective learning of any software is to learn its shortcuts. So, you must also check out FL Studio Shortcuts. It is an alternative to Presonus Studio One.


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