25 HyperWorks Keyboard Shortcuts

This blog on HyperWorks shortcuts is written to train students in the Simulation-Driven Design and Optimization Process. Optimization is one of the strengths of Altair HyperWorks, which has been a boon for the automobile industry. Altair HyperWorks shortcuts are beneficial for manufacturers, engineers, and drafting purposes.

Download Hypermesh Shortcut keys PDF

I would say that the list of HyperWorks shortcut keys for Windows users below will help you become a proficient HyperWorks user. Download the list of HyperWorks shortcut keys for Windows users in PDF format.

Most used HyperWorks Shortcuts

Action Hypermesh Shortcut keys
Hidden lines F1
delete entities F2
Replace F3
Distance – 3 places F4
Mask F5
Edit element – Combine F6
Node Edit – Align F7
Create Node F8
Line Edit – Combine F9
Check Elements – 2D F10
Quick Geometry edit F11
Mesh F12
Color Shift + F1
Temporary Nodes Shift + F2
Edges (for equivalence) Shift + F3
Translate Shift + F4
Find attached elements Shift + F5
Split plate elements Shift + F6
Project to plane Shift + F7
Node Edit align Shift + F8
Trim surface with node or Surf plane Shift + F9
Normal – elements Shift + F10
Organize entities Shift + F11
Smooth Plate elements Shift + F12

All these shortcuts can save hours per year and also reduce mouse clicks. And don’t overlook them because Next-gen HyperWorks offers more than just a shiny new interface. An alternative to Altair HyperWorks is Solidworks. We have also compiled a list of Solidworks shortcuts. Take a look.



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