25 HyperWorks Shortcuts for Windows

List of HyperWorks Shortcuts

Learn HyperWorks Shortcuts for Windows

Most used HyperWorks Shortcuts

Action HyperWorks Shortcut keys
Hidden lines F1
delete entities F2
Replace F3
Distance – 3 places F4
Mask F5
Edit element – Combine F6
Node Edit – Align F7
Create Node F8
Line Edit – Combine F9
Check Elements – 2D F10
Quick Geometry edit F11
Mesh F12
Colour Shift + F1
Temporary Nodes Shift + F2
Edges (for equivalence) Shift + F3
Translate Shift + F4
Find attached elements Shift + F5
Split plate elements Shift + F6
Project to plane Shift + F7
Node Edit align Shift + F8
Trim surface with node or Surf plane Shift + F9
Normals – elements Shift + F10
Organise entities Shift + F11
Smooth Plate elements Shift + F12

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