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15 Pidgin Keyboard Shortcuts

Most of my friends and I extensively utilized the Pidgin shortcuts feature for efficient communication. Clicking and moving with the mouse became frustrating, so Pidgin shortcut keys provided some enjoyable relief. Pidgin is an easy-to-use, multi-protocol instant messaging client available for Linux, BSD, macOS, and Windows, used by millions of people worldwide.

Download Pidgin Shortcuts PDF

The Pidgin shortcut keys are indispensable for communication with my colleagues at work. Users migrating from Yahoo Messenger to Pidgin may find some handy shortcuts missing. You can download the Pidgin shortcut keys list in PDF format.

Most Used Pidgin Shortcuts

Action Pidgin Shortcut keys
New Instant Message Ctrl + M
Join a chat Ctrl + C
Get user info Ctrl + I
View user log Ctrl + L
Add buddy Ctrl + B
Quit Ctrl + Q
Manage Ctrl + A
Plugins Ctrl + U
Preferences Ctrl + P
File transfers Ctrl + T
Mute sounds Ctrl + S

Pidgin is compatible with MSN Messenger, Yahoo, AIM, and more, allowing you to chat with multiple platforms simultaneously. While there are over 100 alternatives to Pidgin, I find SeaMonkey to be the best choice.



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