40 For Honor Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn For Honor Shortcuts for Windows

Combat Shortcuts

Action For Honor Shortcut keys
Lock in / out of Guard Mode Ctrl
Next target Alt
Light attack Left Mouse Click
Heavy attack Right Mouse Click
Stance mechanic C
Guard break Mouse Scroll
Dodge. Double press Space to roll Spacebar
Cancel heavy attack E
Execute button 1 Q
Execute button 2 E
Feat 1 1
Feat 2 2
Feat 3 3
Feat 4 4
Revenge R
Revive E
Scoreboard Tab

Interaction & Communication Shortcuts

Action For Honor Shortcuts
Interact E
Emote 1 F
Emote 2 G
Text chat T
Quick chat
Push to talk V
Ping for help / revive B

Limbo mode Shortcuts

Action For Honor Shortcut keys
Cycle to the next ally E
Cycle to the previous ally Q
Reset camera pan Z
Camera zoom in W
Camera zoom out S
Respawn Left Mouse Click
Deny Right Mouse Click

Movement Shortcuts

Action For Honor Shortcut keys
Move forward W
Move backward S
Move left A
Move right D
Sprint Shift
Roll Spacebar
Climb ladder Spacebar
Ledge drop Spacebar



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