57 Pencil2D Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows & MacOS

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Learn Pencil2D Shortcuts for Windows & Mac

Most used Pencil2D Shortcuts

Action Pencil2D Shortcuts Windows Pencil2D Shortcuts Mac
New Ctrl + N Command + N
Open Ctrl + O Command + O
Save Ctrl + S Command + S
Save As Ctrl + Shift + S Command + Shift + S
Import Image Ctrl + Shift + R Command + Shift + R
Import Image Sequence Ctrl + R Command + R
Import Sound Ctrl + I Command + I
Export Image Ctrl + Shift + S Command + Shift + S
Export Image Sequence Ctrl + Alt + S Command + Option + S
Export XSheet Ctrl + Alt + X Command + Option + X
Export Movie Ctrl + Alt + M Command + Option + M
Export Flash/SWF Ctrl + Alt + F Command + Option + F
Print Ctrl + P Command + P
Undo Ctrl + Z Command + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y Command + Y
Cut Ctrl + X Command + X
Copy Ctrl + C Command + C
Paste Ctrl + V Command + V
Insert Black Frames Ctrl + F Command + F
Insert Duplicate Frames Ctrl + U Command + U
Delete Ctrl + A Command + A
Crop Ctrl + W Command + W
Crop to Selection Ctrl + T Command + T
Select All Ctrl + B Command + B
Deselect All Ctrl + D Command + D
Zoom in Ctrl + Up Arrow key Command + Up Arrow key
Zoom out Ctrl + Down Arrow key Command + Down Arrow key
Reset Zoom Ctrl + H Command + H
Rotate Clockwise R R
Rotate Anticlockwise Z Z
Reset Rotate Ctrl + H Command + H
Preview P P
Grid G G
Onion Skin Next O O
Onion Skin Previous Alt + O Option + O
Play/Stop Enter Return
Loop Ctrl + L Command + L
Next Frame . .
Previous Frame , ,
Extend Frame F5 F5
Add Frame F7 F7
Duplicate Frame F6 F6
Remove Frame Shift + F5 Shift + F5
Move Q Q
Clear L L
Select V V
Brush B B
Polyline Y Y
Smudge A A
Pen P P
Hand H H
Pencil N N
Paint bucket K K
Eyedropper I I
Eraser E E
Help F1 F1
About F2 F2


What is Pencil2D?

Pencil2D is a free and open-source 2D animation software. It allows users to create traditional hand-drawn animations using a simple and intuitive interface.

What are some commonly used Pencil2D shortcuts?

Here are a few commonly used shortcuts in Pencil2D:

  • Ctrl + N: Create a new project.
  • Ctrl + O: Open an existing project.
  • Ctrl + S: Save the current project.
  • Ctrl + Z: Undo the last action.
  • Ctrl + Y: Redo the last undone action.
  • Spacebar: Toggle between play and pause.
  • B: Select the brush tool.
  • E: Select the eraser tool.
  • P: Select the pen tool.
  • T: Select the transform tool.


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